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Server Hotfix September 25th, 2018 [Age of Conan] (2)

We apologize for the short notice, but due to crashing issues after today’s patch we are reverting back to the previous build. This will not effect any progress your character may have made after the patch. This also mea…

Introducing Saga of Blood: Sept 27 [Age of Conan] (1)

A brand-new Saga Server is fast approaching! A Saga Server is a brand new limited-time server where you create a new character, complete milestones, earn exclusive loot, and experience the thrill of starting anew! T…

New Loyalty Reward Now Available! [Age of Conan] (2)

Hi all! A new tier of Loyalty Rewards are now available to claim. Your rewards for this tier are the Obsidian Shadow of Zath mount, and the Obsidian Carapace of Zath vanity set.

IMPORTANT: PvE XP from PvP Kills Now Enabled [Age of Conan] (1)

LET THE BLOODSHED BEGIN! Players now gain some PvE xp from defeating their enemies in PvP! You will be able to disable PvE XP gains from under Menu -> Misc. Please note that we’re evaluating the values of XP gained from…

Welcome to the Community! [Age of Conan] (3)

Welcome! If you’re reading this, and we certainly hope you are, you’re now a part of the new Funcom community forums. Our goal with these forums is to unify the information by which we can communicate with our friends a…

Age of Conan Quick Start Guide [Age of Conan] (2)

Hello! If you’re new to Age of Conan and to Funcom’s online games in general, we’ve put together a handy Quick Start Guide for your perusal. If any of you vets see this and see something we need to change, please let u…

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