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A Message from the Customer Service Manager

Hey everybody. I wanted to take some time and speak to the ongoing status of Funcom’s Customer Service. I wanted to highlight the things I know are causing a lot of frustration for you all. I wanted to transparently l…

3 July 16, 2019
Missing file 'LocalConfig.xml' in the client's Installation Folder. Contact Funcom Customer Service. Error code 150

This error is caused by having Strange UI installed in the past. We’re seeing this mostly with players who are returning after having uninstalled the game for some time. Uninstalling AOC does not remove files for Strange…

5 January 15, 2019
AoC: Rules of Conduct

The following are our basic rules of conduct that govern player interaction and activity within Age of Conan. Please be aware that the failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules may result in the termination …

1 September 27, 2018
About Age of Conan Support Forum

We’re here to help you! This is a place where you can post any issues you’re having in Age of Conan and receive help from Funcom Customer Service and other players alike. We’re going to monitor these forums as often a…

2 June 6, 2018
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