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Hurricane Florence's Impact on Customer Service (5)

As many of you know, our Customer Service Staff resides in North Carolina. Hurricane Florence is barreling towards us with reckless abandon. Presuming the storm maintains its current course, we will likely be prevented…

What is the "Report" feature in the Chat Window? (4)

We have introduced a Report feature to our chat window to simplify and streamline reporting players who are breaking our Rules of Conduct concerning various forms of chat harassment. To use this feature, simply right cl…

About Age of Conan Support Forum (2)

We’re here to help you! This is a place where you can post any issues you’re having in Age of Conan and receive help from Funcom Customer Service and other players alike. We’re going to monitor these forums as often a…

AoC: Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Help Topics We have a whole, ever-growing section of help topics that we’re curating! I suggest any new or returning player check it out through the link above! Customer Service What’s the Best Way to Contact Customer …

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