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What Should I Use Bug Reports For? (3)
Bug Reporting Template for Age of Conan (3)

Here are some important steps to keep in mind when creating an efficient bug report. First off some useful keybinds. Shift + F9 to fetch patch revision, Alt + F9 to copy coordinations of your character to clipboard. S…

[Saga of Blood] Bug report sieges (1)
Conq Carnage feat - Annihilate not working on some combos (6)
Missing quest arrows and quest map locations (6)
Hotkey not working (11)
Treasury of the ancients epic instance bugged (8)
Prowess AA issue on Saga (8)
NPC's onslaught in Connals Valley (3)
Crashing after every minigame (12)
Cannot connect to authentication server (4)
"Deaths in Hyboria" spamming message on unblockable system channel n game (5)
Crashes after changing instancesU (2)
Crashing every time i enter a minigame (2)
Lack of skull pick up interruption (random occurence) (12)
T3 crafted 2hd blunt (Shillelagh of Soggoth) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (92)
Cant target ppl/see guild tags etc (Saga bug back) :P (15)
Enemy NPCs Falling Through Floor/wall? (1)
Stuck during battle (1)
Crashes Upon Exit (2)
Crowd Control flaws (3)
Gangrenous Stench (Necromancer) (1)
Unholy Hands (Necromancer) (1)
Some kind of bug that happened in the raid finder (4)
Daily login reward icon vanished (2)
Conqueror's Gift (4)
Kick from Raid Finder before raid finder starts (1)
[Pet] Xanthic Death - some bugs (2)
Need hot fix or a update to fix these bugs ty (11)
Hallowed vaults bug feared through the walls (11)