Age of Conan   Bug Reports

Gangrenous Stench (Necromancer) (1)
Unholy Hands (Necromancer) (1)
Some kind of bug that happened in the raid finder (4)
Daily login reward icon vanished (2)
Conqueror's Gift (4)
Kick from Raid Finder before raid finder starts (1)
[Pet] Xanthic Death - some bugs (2)
Need hot fix or a update to fix these bugs ty (11)
Hallowed vaults bug feared through the walls (11)
Having issue when downloading game (2)
Update Manager stopped (1)
Allow groups in Epic Mode of Attilius Mansion and Slaughterhouse Cellar (4)
Chats broken this day (5)
How/Where do I post exploit information (3)
Running Shot is broken (1)
Daily Challenges vs Daily Login Bonus Timers Not in Sync (6)
Field of the dead arena port bug (1)
Ranger immun to Stun Root Fear Knockback in PvP (1)
2 items of armor sets are missing (1)
Can't connect to auth server (6)
Tamarin is multiplying (3)
Black Castle - Door bugs on last boss (1)
Fuzzy Lion Pet graphics ( 2 ) (22)
Cant open [Spoils of Victory - 10th Anniversary]? (2)
New skin tones bugged or? ( 2 ) (26)
Leviathus doesnt give blue chest in raid finder (purple ok) (7)
Shadows of the Past - Soul Stone (3)
Bloody Bargins - Min Cho's Father can not be damaged (1)
RF BRC bugged, alone in open instance (1)
Low quality textures bug: horses and Saga cloak (1)