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What's Next for Saga of Blood? ( 2 ) (29)

Hail, heroes! Since Saga of Blood started up, hordes of bloodthirsty warriors have stepped up to the plate for glory, action, and the phat lewts. We’re all pleased with the violence you’ve committed. Now that level ca…

Saga of Blood PvP Festival Locations ( 2 3 4 ) (67)

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know where the PvP Festival will be for the rest of Saga of Blood. As you’ve seen, we’ve updated the festival to run 6 days out of the week. :slight_smile: November 6-11: Kheshatta Th…

Headhunter Collection + Catch-Up Bonus XP (1)

Headhunter Collection Now Available It’s dangerous to go alone! Conscript new allies in the battle for Saga supremacy with 30 days of Premium Membership, plus two bonus 15-day Membership keys you can gift to friends duri…

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