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Level Cap Schedule thru Anniversary

Hello friends, we know a lot of people have been asking for a planned schedule of level cap increases for the near future. Our goal is to hit Lv200 by the 18th anniversary on June 27th, and to reach that goal we have cu…

2 April 24, 2019
RK2019 FAQ, Read me!

Anarchy Online RK2019 FAQ So, a new server eh? Yup! Rubi-Ka 2019 launches today and is our unique take on a fresh-start experience. Subscribers are invited to start anew with a pure experience - with no expansions, lower…

2 March 6, 2019
READ ME - An intro to Anarchy Online's new forums

Welcome! If you’re reading this, and we certainly hope you are, you’re now a part of the new Funcom community forums. Our goal with these forums is to unify the information by which we can communicate with our friends a…

6 January 23, 2019
RK2019 Downtime: May 15 @ 9:00 AM EDT / 13:00 UTC 3 May 15, 2019
Hotfix: May 09 @ 2:00 PM EDT 1 May 9, 2019
RK2019 Downtime: May 01 @ 9:00 AM EDT / 13:00 UTC 1 April 30, 2019
Customer Service Policy Changes 1 March 15, 2019