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FMI — Forum Market Interface (12)

FMI Thread Rules 1. Please use the following tags in your reply: • WTS (Sell) • WTB (Buy) • WTT (Trade) 2. Questions and negotiations should be done in PMs 3. Update listing as needed and delete it when you’re d…

Funcom Customer Support will never ask you for your password! (3)

No Game Master will ever ask for your account or game password, either in-game or through email. If anyone contacts you and asks for this information, then please report them immediately. Keeping your password confident…

The Advisors of Rubi-Ka - General Information & FAQ (10)

The Advisors of Rubi-Ka (also known as ARK) are a group of player volunteers who have answered the call of duty and stepped up to help the Anarchy Online community in a variety of different areas. Adminsitration The …

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