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Funcom Customer Support will never ask you for your password! (3)

No Game Master will ever ask for your account or game password, either in-game or through email. If anyone contacts you and asks for this information, then please report them immediately. Keeping your password confident…

FMI — Forum Market Interface (9)

FMI Thread Rules 1. Please use the following tags in your reply: • WTS (Sell) • WTB (Buy) • WTT (Trade) 2. Questions and negotiations should be done in PMs 3. Update listing as needed and delete it when you’re d…

The Advisors of Rubi-Ka - General Information & FAQ (10)

The Advisors of Rubi-Ka (also known as ARK) are a group of player volunteers who have answered the call of duty and stepped up to help the Anarchy Online community in a variety of different areas. Adminsitration The …

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