Anarchy Online   Bug Reports

Exploits and you (1)

EXPLOIT DISCUSSION An exploit is a bug that grants a user an unnatural or an unintended benefit in the game for a character of their profession and level. Meaning, it’s a bug or design error that makes it possible for ch…

[NANO] Fixer Long HoT nanos need hit adjustment (1)
Launcher copy paste does not work (6)
[Nano] Tired Limbs , duration (5)
[Graphics] Bloom blowout (3)
[TEXT] The ICC Secretary in the Holo Deck greets you in a strange way (4)
[Other] Rome Red client derp (5)
[Mission] Item return as goal (4)
[Item/Mission] Mission chests often empty (2)
[Item] Shop vendor terminals cost multiplier (1)
[NPC] Neutral 'Food Provider' broken (2)
[Item/Nano] Comp Util missing, outside ICC vendor (2)
[Item] Omnifier, ' Use in 0 different processes ' (6)
Bug when I go into some buildings or misson rooms (4)
[Item]No Name Item found (3)
IP not being saved after skilling up (1)
New Engine "Fullscreen" mode wrong aspect ratio (7)
Collector droptable! (4)
M.A.G.S makes me crash (1)
Bug with a jobe cluster (15)
[CLOSED][NPC] Temple Of Three Winds Cultists Spawn/Stuck In Walls (4)
[ITEM] Temple Of Three Winds 'Inner Faith' Implant Does Not Drop (4)
Prototype Inferno Problem (3)
Hello, Started playing again recently I have a pretty bad issue maybe a bug (6)
[CLOSED][ITEM] Fixer grid item not activating with back bar room terminal (3)
[NPC] T-800/T-880 mobs respawn in Rubi-Ka missions after death (3)
[CLOSED][NANO] Unable to cast Overview of Elysium when Cartographer 1 is enabled (4)
Mantis Armor tradeskill materials havent dropped properly since 18.0 (16)
Additional DC's Since Last Patch? (1)
Statuesque armor gloves? (11)