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[ADVENTURER] Guides and Useful Threads (8)

Original Post Howdy folks, to preserve “sticky space” at the top of the forum here this thread was created to maintain a list of useful reference threads in one easy-to-find place. If anyone has any suggestions for addi…

[DOCTOR] Woefallen's Guide to Teaming With a Doc (4)

Original Post Woefallen’s Guide to Teaming With a Doc Finding a Doc When you are forming a team and you decide that you do want a doc, remember that most docs are desperate to find a team since their low (if any) dama…

[DOCTOR] Regidoc's Consolidated Doctor Profession Link Thread (2)

Original Post Older threads can be accessed from here: Useful links to guides for new and experienced doctors I took some from this one that were a little more up to date than the ones in Letah’s and left out more out…

[AGENT] Important References, Guides, and Links (2)

Original Post Important Links and Community Websites: AO Universe Contains guides for almost every encounter, playfield, and tradeskill you’ll ever need AO Items An up-to-date reference for items, perks, and nano pr…

[AGENT] Changes Log (current to 18.8.5) (2)

Original post: Hello all! Here’s a brief overview of proposed .21 changes. AGENT Nanos Ruse:…

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