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Long-Term Characters: Information & LTC List (4)

Source: Original post written by Kintaii for The Fourth Wall on the old AO forums and lightly updated by Mmir to bring it up to date. Long-Term Characters: Rules and Information What is an “LTC”? LTCs, or “Long-Term Ch…

Screenshots from events (18)

The Events Team sometimes take screenshots of Events for fun and post them here. Here is the old forum link: Here are some new recent scr…

RK Knowledge, Timeline and News (10)

Backdated information taken from the archived AO website’s Timeline and Knowledge pages; news articles from Editor News section of archived forums Game launch year: 29,475 (2001) Current in-game year: 29,493 (2019) Ga…

All in One Info (2)

Based on the original All in One info thread started by Agentcora. All-in-One Roleplay Info   How to reach us: In-Game chat bots RKRole bot for in-character, cross-faction chatter. /tell Rkrole !join for invite. RK…

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