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READ ME - An intro to Conan Exiles forums

Welcome! If you’re reading this, and we certainly hope you are, you’re now a part of the new Funcom community forums. Our goal with these forums is to unify the information by which we can communicate with our friends a…

2 March 16, 2018
In the conan exiles game, all players, except the admin, do not see the names and level of other players 1 January 22, 2020
Dying Arena Champion Armor? 2 January 22, 2020
The thrill is gone. Add some actual dangers 15 January 22, 2020
Greater fawn missing 4 January 22, 2020
Breast Animation still not working 13 January 22, 2020
Races, Armour Suggestions, Gods 8 January 22, 2020
Clan built in undermesh we have video and picture proof official 3557 HELP! 9 14 January 22, 2020
ADWARE DLC Popup annoying me every game launch! 5 January 22, 2020
Gore toggle yet? 31 January 22, 2020
How long since you last rode your horse? 157 January 22, 2020
Follower Taking 4K+ Damage For No Reason 10 January 22, 2020
Rolling with 1 piece of heavy 2 January 22, 2020
CONTEST => Calling ALL Modders & Artists 96 January 22, 2020
Upcoming News for Conan Exiles 13 January 22, 2020
Display issue? While feeding horses 2 January 22, 2020
What would you like to see added to the game?

Greetings Exiles, and welcome to our next question of the week! This time we wanted to spice it up a little bit. With a the new year, comes the new us -or so goes the saying. Many players have already been asking us …

126 January 22, 2020
All items from storages and worn armors dissappeared. Official server #3606 pvp ps4 2 January 22, 2020
Bat Gets Stuck on Tower of Bats 2 January 22, 2020
Thrall Vanishes when having other animals/thrall follow 8 January 22, 2020
Make shelter useful in all biomes, introduce blizzard/thunderstorm/firestorm 1 January 22, 2020
Its offical a bug or game mechanic? 10 January 22, 2020
How to mitigate being raided by folks who don't play fair 3 January 22, 2020
Besuche D.N.S Hyboria unter Pve-Konflikt on Ps4 1 January 22, 2020
Steam Overlay problems 3 January 22, 2020
PS4 Der Conan Exiles Server: D.N.S Hyboria 1 January 22, 2020
Horses - Battle Standards ⚰️ 6 January 22, 2020
Friend unable to rejoin private game 4 January 22, 2020
So... Was there EVER any answer to not being able to load up a previously saved offline game, or what? 4 January 22, 2020
The % problem with negative stat thrall perks 45 January 22, 2020