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READ ME - An intro to Conan Exiles forums

Welcome! If you’re reading this, and we certainly hope you are, you’re now a part of the new Funcom community forums. Our goal with these forums is to unify the information by which we can communicate with our friends a…

2 March 16, 2018
Can't locate my server 11 November 14, 2019
New Follower Limit - Feedback thread

Hey everybody, Since we announced the new follower leveling system and limit, you’ve all been sending us your feedback through different threads and sections, so in order to keep all discussions focused we’ll merge them…

1465 November 14, 2019
Tips For Small Groups? 4 November 14, 2019
Thrall leveling feedback (this is NOT regarding thrall limits) 20 November 14, 2019
If we never had major updates 3 November 14, 2019
Just curious when ur raided 3 November 14, 2019
We need a way to move thralls out of the way! 18 November 14, 2019
Corruption unrelenting no brew/dancer will remove it 2 November 14, 2019
Recrutement server rp pc 1 November 14, 2019
Recrutement sever priver pc 1 November 14, 2019
Flawless Lemurian Warrior Armor not giving 2 bars cold protection? 3 November 14, 2019
EDIT: What do you love and hate the most about Conan Exiles? 38 November 14, 2019
Bugs, bugs, and of course more bugs 3 November 14, 2019
More character customization options 6 November 14, 2019
I did a test on my base 11 November 14, 2019
Heavily Modded PVE server, great for the single player types that want to play online or for small groups 26 November 14, 2019
Why won't Funcom make an option to toggle off screenshake? 2 November 14, 2019
What's your favorite (or the one you're most proud of!) screenshot of Conan Exiles?

Greetings Exiles and welcome to our newest Question of the Week! You’re going to notice straight away that this week’s format is slightly different than our previous ones. But we realized that, as the old saying goes,…

79 November 14, 2019
Gates to Glory [PS4, light RP, 18+] 9 November 14, 2019
Unable to place new T3 after dismantling old T3 17 November 14, 2019
Thrall Leveling update 1 November 14, 2019
Missing SFX player and NPC on combat 4 November 14, 2019
Follower traps player in confined spaces 13 November 14, 2019
Hyborians Gone Wild 18+ E/RP 1 November 14, 2019
Stealth suggestion 1 November 14, 2019
Chests on Shelves? What happened? 8 November 14, 2019
Not understanding 5 November 14, 2019
Where are all the thralls?!? 31 November 14, 2019
Soothing buff - can it be deactivated? 3 November 13, 2019