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READ ME - An intro to Conan Exiles forums

Welcome! If you’re reading this, and we certainly hope you are, you’re now a part of the new Funcom community forums. Our goal with these forums is to unify the information by which we can communicate with our friends a…

2 March 16, 2018
What would you like to see added to the game? (Encore!) 410 February 18, 2020
Testlive Patch (18.02.2020) - Followers Management System plus Game Launcher

Greetings Exiles! We’re excited to bring to you a new Testlive patch that introduces a long-requested feature, the Followers Management system! From a new tab in your player menu you’ll now be able to get information an…

10 February 18, 2020
Question of the Week: What's your favorite unexplored culture from Conan's lore?

The Conan universe is rich with heroic characters, daring adventures, dastardly villains, bar fights, and spiders. So many spiders… Conan Exiles touches on and alludes to many of the tales through journals in the worl…

7 February 18, 2020
Thrall Limit: Call to Arms 5 February 18, 2020
So, your planning a dlc map? 32 February 18, 2020
Thrall & Pets disappearing 3 February 18, 2020
Ps4 mouse and keyboard? 4 February 18, 2020
Who are the warriors of this land anyway?! 157 February 18, 2020
How to find the precise spawn point of an animal? 3 February 18, 2020
Official 1313 is down again 1 February 18, 2020
Thrall Rework Discussion 1 February 18, 2020
(Game) What should the person above you be banned for? 265 February 18, 2020
Choosing Crom as god 26 February 18, 2020
Died while offline 23 February 18, 2020
OMG they hacked our Social media accounts! 14 February 18, 2020
Dragons, why kill them? 4 February 18, 2020
New Contruction Assets 6 February 18, 2020
An old but ongoin issue - armour stats destroy role-playing 6 February 18, 2020
The game keeps crashing after a hour please fix ASAP 2 February 18, 2020
Not meant to be a Troll, or Insult. More Heads please! 13 February 18, 2020
Ddos in server 1130 EUROPE 2 February 18, 2020
Land already claimed error 5 February 18, 2020
Testlive Patch Notes Archive

Dear exiles, Here you will find an archive of all the Testlive updates that have been released so far for Conan Exiles’s Testlive builds. They’re listed in chronological order, so you’ll need to sroll down to the bottom…

1 November 29, 2018
New Game Launcher

Greetings Exiles, We are introducing a new Funcom game launcher for Conan Exiles on TestLive. The idea is for this to be a platform where you will have easy access to the latest news, forums, DLCs and patch notes, with…

1 February 14, 2020
Post your oldest conan screenshot 17 February 18, 2020
PS4 Hotfix (11.02.2020) - Critical fixes

Greetings Exiles! We wanted to address a few critical issues introduced in the January patch that affected gameplay. We’ve also re-balanced some 1-handed damage multipliers based on community feedback. We’re still work…

54 February 18, 2020
Extreme rubber banding 4 February 18, 2020
[PC] PvP Modded server with friendly community! 1 February 17, 2020
Base has glitched out 4 February 18, 2020