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READ ME - An intro to Conan Exiles forums

Welcome! If you’re reading this, and we certainly hope you are, you’re now a part of the new Funcom community forums. Our goal with these forums is to unify the information by which we can communicate with our friends a…

2 March 16, 2018
Game Crashing when opening Inventory 9 December 9, 2019
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New Followers Slow to Engage in Combat 7 December 9, 2019
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Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread 504 December 9, 2019
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Update: The NEW Purge 26 December 9, 2019
Khari Warrior Recipe unlocks nothing craftable? 11 December 9, 2019
PC | PVE-C | fresh server | active admin & if want to get involved let us know | Lands of the Unknown 1 December 9, 2019
Blitz serevers in discussion internall 14 December 9, 2019
Stuttering especially with a follower 9 December 9, 2019
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Single-player crashing while loading saved game! 6 December 9, 2019
Seeing through walls 1 December 9, 2019
Crash reports on ps4, should i elaborate 5 December 9, 2019
Boss spider not dropping head 14 December 9, 2019
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All saddles are functionally identical 7 December 9, 2019
Get away from my damn door 3 December 9, 2019
Best Archer thrall to level up? 17 December 9, 2019
Truncheons dealing a "massive" damage to health (red bar) 22 December 9, 2019
Poitain Heavy Armor - with Accuracy 10 December 9, 2019
What about a monthly wipe on officials PVP? 55 December 9, 2019
Xbox Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But…by Crom! There’s even more?!

Greetings Exiles! The time has come! Saddle up and ride into all the goodness packed into our newest free content update! We couldn’t let this year go without a bang. We worked hard to make this happen and are very exci…

42 December 9, 2019
Character moving itself 17 December 9, 2019
New dodges - please re-consider these changes 118 December 9, 2019