Conan Exiles   [PS4] Updates and Bugs

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PS4 Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But…by Crom! There’s even more?!

Greetings Exiles! The time has come! Saddle up and ride into all the goodness packed into our newest free content update! We couldn’t let this year go without a bang. We worked hard to make this happen and are very exci…

56 December 11, 2019
PS4 Patch Archive

In this thread you can find all the updates, patches and hotfixes that have come to the PS4 version of Conan Exiles after launch. The newest updates will be at the very top, with the earliest at the bottom. Hopefully thi…

1 June 26, 2018
How to Claim Treasures of Turan After Purchasing Season 2 DLC Pass on PS4

Dear exiles, We’ve been monitoring your feedback about the Season 2 DLC Pass on PS4 and we know some of you still haven’t been able to unlock the Treasures of Turan DLC in the game. Even if you’ve bought the Season Pas…

3 April 17, 2019
How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter

How to properly report a bug: We rely heavily on our forums to identify what issues you Exiles run into. You can help us identify and prioritize bugs faster, by making sure you post in the right category and keep it orga…

3 January 21, 2019
GPORTAL Server Rental Site

Hello PlayStation Exiles, If you’d like to rent your own server for Conan Exiles from GPORTAL, you may do so from the official GPORTAL server site: Thank you!

1 May 8, 2018
The Neebs Gaming Easter egg audio plays deaths out of order 2 December 12, 2019
War Banner issu 6 December 12, 2019
Server 4514 off 7 December 12, 2019
100% Penetration! 1 December 12, 2019
Two shot archer thralls = Impossible to make PVP 16 December 12, 2019
Official LATAM Servers database lost 13 December 12, 2019
Floating Thrall then ps4 crashed 3 December 12, 2019
I logged on to official sever and everything I had on me is gone 14 December 11, 2019
Star Metal Meteors 1 December 11, 2019
Breasts enlarge when on horse 13 December 11, 2019
Unequipping Items From Thralls 4 December 11, 2019
Decay timer messes up 9 December 11, 2019
T4 Bearer Stats 20 December 11, 2019
Purges after Updates 3 December 11, 2019
Roasted haunch has no thrall bonus 2 December 11, 2019
List of UI Issues 2 December 11, 2019
Can't start the Game 3 December 11, 2019
Red mother in quicksand 7 December 11, 2019
PS4 update issues 4 December 11, 2019
Game broken on PS4. new patch responsible? 2 December 11, 2019
Freya isn't a Archer 9 December 11, 2019
Textures Cycling Between High, Low & Off 25 December 11, 2019
Interacting with bed no longer sets it as spawn point 3 December 11, 2019
Freezing issue on playstation 210 December 11, 2019
Bug at the teleport with thrills or pets 2 December 11, 2019