Conan Exiles   [Xbox] Updates and Bugs

Xbox One Hotfix (18.02.2019) - Performance Improvements (20)

Hey everyone, We’ve released a new hotfix for the Xbox One version which aims to improve general performance based on community feedback. Added additional console-specific performance improvements based on commun…

How to be a pro Xbox Bug Hunter (PLEASE READ) (3)

How to properly report a bug: We rely heavily on our forums to identify what issues you Exiles run into. You can help us identify and prioritize bugs faster, by making sure you post in the right category and keep it orga…

Xbox Patch Archive (2)

In this thread you can find all our previous updates, patches and hotfixes from the Xbox Game Preview period and beyond. The newest updates will be at the very top, with the earliest at the bottom. Hopefully this won’t b…

GPORTAL Server Application (2)

Hello Xbox Exiles, With the launch of Conan Exiles, we have updated the server rental process. You no longer rent servers through the ingame interface - you now do so from the official GPORTAL Server Application. Here…

Wheels of Pain Stopping for Unknown Reasons (2)
Server's sending me back to the main menu (2)
Conan Update bug (5)
Thirst and hunger decay timers too fast (2)
Game crashes when inventory opened (2)
Crashing when trying to craft (1)
Gateways vanishing (3)
Help me I lost the axe of the lion (4)
Positionnement structure (1)
Official Server 2803 clan functions broken (10)
Just quick question (2)
2995 SA crashing everyday (5)
Infantry helm still has wrong spelling (1)
Server #2995 is unplayable (1)
Xbox One Hotfix (11.02.2019) (14)
9999 ping on server 2111 EU please fix (2)
#2995 losing conection with the server several times/day (7)
PROBLEMAS VARIOS Servidor Oficial #2995 jcj, pvp online Sudamerica por favor trabajen en estos errores POR FAVOR (9)
Cannot-capture-thralls needs to be fixed (7)
Xbox One Hotfix (30.01.2019) - Anti-flooding and crash fixes (13)
¿Conan Exiles Xbox Ones es o no Compatible con teclado y raton? (4)
Conan Crocodile Ground/Water Glitch (2)
Cheesing Your Way Through Sepermeru (16)
Purge Setting - Manual Numeric Entry Not Available (2)
Panting effect not going away (9)
Campfires Prioritize the Wrong Fuel (12)