Conan Exiles   Xbox Updates and Bugs

Update 34 – New pet system, dungeon, religion and much more (11.10.2018) ( 2 ) (21)

The latest free update to Conan Exiles lets you explore the atmospheric but dangerous Midnight Grove dungeon. You can attempt to prove yourself worthy to learn the Jhebbal Sag religion or start taming your very own pets.…

Xbox Patch Archive (2)

In this thread you can find all our previous updates, patches and hotfixes from the Xbox Game Preview period and beyond. The newest updates will be at the very top, with the earliest at the bottom. Hopefully this won’t b…

GPORTAL Server Application (2)

Hello Xbox Exiles, With the launch of Conan Exiles, we have updated the server rental process. You no longer rent servers through the ingame interface - you now do so from the official GPORTAL Server Application. Here…

Chests do not stack correctly (1)
Enemies heal now? (1)
Animal Pens & Wall Brazier (3)
Horizontal elevator disappears (1)
Unable to feed DLC skinned pets (2)
Broken thrall and pet pathing AI (2)
Can't scroll through the list of affected thralls or pets while on the thrall pot or feed box menu (1)
Post Patch 34 - Issues (2)
Official server 1578 was walled up to prevent new players (7)
Game crashes/freeze in the frozen north (3)
Can't lock on to rhinos & melee thralls don't attack them [#108721/19619] (3)
Falling through foundations, and other crap (2)
Thralls starving in minutes (7)
Starving Thralls / Single player / Xbox one x (1)
PVE Conflict server 2731 not showing up on server list (6)
Potion of B-estial Memory says that feats have been reset [#108721/19619] (2)
No vocal sounds when using emotes [#108721/19619] (1)
Pets dying before they can be tamed ( 2 ) (21)
Fish traps not opening inventory (4)
Purge Meter Reset (1)
Controls for item enhancements (2)
Wells not refilling (2)
Thrall problems on wheel of pain (4)
Killed offline in my base (5)
Purge Meter slowly reducing over time (1)
Where is the new dlc? (2)
Animal pen bug xbox one (2)