Conan Exiles   [PC] Updates and Bugs

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PC Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! Crom! There's even more?!

Greetings Exiles! The time has come! Saddle up and ride into all the goodness packed into our newest free content update! We couldn’t let this year go without a bang. We worked hard to make this happen and are very exci…

92 December 11, 2019
Common Technical Issues and solutions. (READ FIRST)

Hey everyone, If you’re experiencing technical issues while playing Conan Exiles please take a look at this list of the most common problems and potential solutions before opening a new thread. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS


1 February 12, 2019
How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ)

How to properly report a bug: We rely heavily on our forums to identify what issues you Exiles run into. You can help us identify and prioritize bugs faster, by making sure you post in the right category and keep it orga…

3 January 21, 2019
PC Patch Archive

In this thread you can find all our previous updates, patches and hotfixes from the Early Access period and beyond. The newest updates will be at the very top, with the earliest at the bottom. Hopefully this won’t be too…

3 August 2, 2018
Keyboard key problems 5 December 12, 2019
Night Eye Potion Does The Opposite 2 December 12, 2019
Bugged thralls in volcano 1 December 12, 2019
Character moving itself 18 December 12, 2019
Unable to to server since last update 1 December 12, 2019
Inventory Menu Lag 9 December 12, 2019
Pets randomly wandering off then teleporting back with lost hp 1 December 12, 2019
All, pray Crom at midnight today to get our conan game back 10 December 12, 2019
King Rhino needs a Doctor "Stat!" 2 December 12, 2019
Cannot rename new thralls (nor old ones) & nude bug since Riders of Hyboria! 5 December 12, 2019
NPCs in sinners refuge gone. Cave now populated with spiders 1 December 12, 2019
Animalpen and Stable not working in single player 2 December 11, 2019
Pristine Khari Weapons uncraftable? 1 December 11, 2019
No animation at the beginning of the game? 2 December 11, 2019
Follower disappeared after logging out 4 December 11, 2019
Missing Steamnclient64.dll 1 December 11, 2019
Bodies disappear really fast 5 December 11, 2019
Crafting station scrolling w/ controller broken since Mount update 2 December 11, 2019
Arrows increase armor penetration up to 100% 6 December 11, 2019
Game Crashing when opening Inventory 11 December 11, 2019
100% encumbrance bug 4 December 11, 2019
"Scorpion Ward" shield no longer grants an armor bonus 9 December 11, 2019
Lost ownwership of mount? Result of sharing the same space? 3 December 11, 2019
Loss of all buildings and things 5 December 11, 2019
Unusually large horse 4 December 11, 2019
non-Epic Flawless Poitain Footman Helm can't be crafted 4 December 11, 2019