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Testlive Patch (01.03.2019) - Balancing Passes, Exploits and Bug Fixes, Facial VoiP animations ( 2 3 4 5 ) (97)

Hey everybody! We have a new patch on our Testlive branch with some new balancing passes on some weapons and fixes to some exploits and general bugs. The event log should also stop naming players, and the Fragments of …

Testlive Patch Notes Archive (1)

Dear exiles, Here you will find an archive of all the Testlive updates that have been released so far for Conan Exiles’s Testlive builds. They’re listed in chronological order, so you’ll need to sroll down to the bottom…

How to be a pro Testlive Bug Hunter (PLEASE READ) (3)

How to properly report a bug: We rely heavily on our forums to identify what issues you Exiles run into. You can help us identify and prioritize bugs faster, by making sure you post in the right category and keep it orga…

How to Access TestLive (1)

Dear Exiles, Testlive is a version of the game where we and you, the community, can stress test upcoming game patches before they’re rolled out to the main, live version of the game. Testlive builds can be played onlin…

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