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Conan Exiles Community Guidelines

The internet is a big place and there are many places and ways for everyone to interact. These forums however, are our home. Our goal is to have this Forum, and Community, be a welcoming, engaging, creative and interesti…

3 February 15, 2019
Found an Exploit? Here's how to report it!

Dear Exiles, We want to reward our community for bringing exploits to our attention so we can eliminate them as early as possible. We don’t want exploits spread around the forums and social media and would appreciate t…

1 June 13, 2018
Purge 101: How it works and other things you should know

We get several questions related to The Purge from players so we wanted to take a moment to run down exactly what The Purge is and how it works. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of this game mechanic. …

1 October 17, 2018
Harassment and Griefing Issues

We are truly sorry if you’re experiencing issues with harassment and griefing. We are aware that this is frustrating and we are trying to address this as best as we can within our possibilities. We can unfortunately not…

2 January 10, 2019
Is your server unavailable? Use our report tool!

Dear exiles, Today we’re rolling out a new tool for reporting server issues on our official servers. We’re doing this to streamline the process and make it easier for you to send us reports about when your server is una…

1 April 5, 2018
AMD Workarounds Thread

This thread contains possible solutions for players who have had performance problems running Conan Exiles with AMD CPUs, AMD GPUs or Realtek onboard audio Background: During May we used an external QA company to run c…

2 April 13, 2018
Recommended hardware setups

We recently did a big performance and compatibility test with our external QA partner, Testronic, and we’ve started going through the results of this test. It’s given us a lot of really helpful data that we can use to im…

10 October 19, 2018
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