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Here is your Chosen of Asura for February!

Hello Exiles, As in the past, we have been working hard on our communication, collecting feedback and fixing issues in close co-operation with you, our Conan Exiles community. It has been very humbling to see how passi…

2 February 28, 2019
Public Community Issues Overview

Hello Exiles, Today we would like to introduce our public community issue board that is being populated and updated by the community team. This is supposed to list and track the issues that get brought up by the commun…

1 November 12, 2018
Xbox and PS4 Servers not showing up in your list 1 April 16, 2019
Treasures of Turan Pack now available on PS4 and PC 1 April 15, 2019
Going Forward and thank you! 2 April 7, 2019
:shark: Something lurks below 2 April 8, 2019
Player Names and Log information 1 April 5, 2019
APRIL FOOLS: The Night of Lost Souls Returns – And this time it’ll be even more lost! 1 April 1, 2019
Conan Exiles Building Contest (Due Date Extended) 2 February 22, 2019
About the console patch and other infos 2 March 13, 2019
The "Chosen of Asura" Award and Title 3 December 17, 2018
Weekly Community Newsletter: Bow Improvements and Katanas 1 December 12, 2018
Christmas and current focus 1 December 7, 2018
Conan Exiles: Upcoming for the next week! 3 December 7, 2018
Weekly Community Newsletter: It’s Time for an Update 1 November 28, 2018
Conan Exiles dev stream: Testlive Update, Bow Changes, Katana 1 November 26, 2018