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Let's not call it good-bye. Let's just call it "smell you later."

Hey everyone! They say all good things must come to an end. This is my last week at Funcom as community manager and it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly. It’s been a great 3.5 years for me here at Funcom. I’ve g…

58 February 28, 2020
Question of the Week: What do you add to liven up your base?

We have some pretty talented home designers here. Whether you’re looking for a more simplistic lifestyle and keep only the things that bring happiness, or focus only on the practical things like cabinets and storage, o…

63 February 28, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions about Conan Exiles

How to Use We see a lot of the same questions coming up from different people, so we put together this list to hopefully point you in the right direction and help you answer your question. Frequently Asked Questions A…

1 May 1, 2018
Join the new fan-made Discord channel!

Remember, folks, we have an unofficial fan-made Discord server. Connect with other fans of Conan Exiles, find people to play with, talk about the game and share your thoughts and feedback. It’s a wonderful little commun…

14 February 22, 2019
Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read

The internet is a big place and there are many places and ways for everyone to interact. These forums however, are our home. Our goal is to have this Forum, and Community, be a welcoming, engaging, creative and interesti…

3 February 15, 2019
The other side of the green wall 74 February 28, 2020
We have a glitchers trouble in 1124 PC official server! please FUNCOM help us! 2 February 28, 2020
I found a Unicorn Thrall 9 February 28, 2020
Hello team, can a Admin please come in #1124 for Short and take a look for the Glitchers at 9C inside the Seawatch tower 1 February 28, 2020
Funcom Forums on mobile (Android) - keyboard shows on section dropdown box 1 February 28, 2020
Banned from a server 10 February 28, 2020
What would you like to see added to the game? (Encore!) 462 February 28, 2020
Hollow Bone Arrows 7 February 28, 2020
Problemas con cierre de obeliscos y camaras acorazadas por todo el mapa 1 February 28, 2020
Ummm t3 bearer thrall versus t4? 7 February 28, 2020
PVP is not as it should or am I wrong? 2 February 28, 2020
Where are the chickens? 34 February 28, 2020
Tribe Recruitment [PVP] - [Democracy] 1 February 28, 2020
Pieces dont fit chess board 13 February 28, 2020
Buccaneer Bay no crafting on the spire? 5 February 28, 2020
Why ? Why ? Are thralls so op in pvp 198 February 28, 2020
How do i remove myself from this pointless community? 5 February 27, 2020
Should new map be free? 211 February 27, 2020
Release date of the next patch? 3 February 27, 2020
Why did Funcom break the Dodge 85 February 27, 2020
Conan Exiles BattlEys blocking ReShade 7 February 27, 2020
Change guild leadership when the leader got banned 2 February 27, 2020
So, your planning a dlc map? 148 February 27, 2020
Does Funcom care about offline single player mode? 25 February 27, 2020
This game does need serious bug fixing 11 February 27, 2020