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Pet system 101: An introduction to Pets (1)

Hey everyone, Here is a quick introduction to the Pets System and how you raise and tame your own pets. Obtaining Pets In order to obtain a pet, you will need to interact with a baby animal in the world, or buy a baby/…

Join the new fan-made Discord channel! (13)

Remember, folks, we have an unofficial fan-made Discord server. Connect with other fans of Conan Exiles, find people to play with, talk about the game and share your thoughts and feedback. It’s a wonderful little commun…

[PC] [Xbox] [PS4] Please tag your platform (1)

Hi Exiles, While we have separate forums for PC, Xbox, and PS4 bugs and update notes, the General Discussion category is intended to be the nexus where Exiles from all across the land can come together to engage in civi…

Frequently Asked Questions about Conan Exiles (1)

How to Use We see a lot of the same questions coming up from different people, so we put together this list to hopefully point you in the right direction and help you answer your question. Frequently Asked Questions A…

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