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Introduce Yourself!

New to the forums? You a veteran but excited about the game? Are you a fan of the other Mutant Year Zero works? Say hi here! You can use this to test out text, how the forum works, or just say hey. :slight_smile: My nam…

51 June 19, 2018
MYZ: Road to Eden stream, February 14th - Stalker Trials

Greetings, fellow stalkers! On February 14th we’re returning to the Zone with Dux, Bormin, Selma, Magnus and Farrow for another Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden live stream! This time we’ll be playing the Stalker Trials…

3 February 13, 2019
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden System Requirements

Hey folks! A of you have been asking about the game’s system requirements on PC and today we’re ready to reveal what the requirements will be! They shouldn’t be too heavy for modern PCs, but maybe now’s the time to lo…

4 November 20, 2018
Please Post Bugs in the Bug/Feedback Forum

Hey y’all! If you have bugs to report or feedback you want to give about the game, please post them in the bugs/feedback discussion subforum. We want to keep General Discussion bug free :slight_smile:

47 November 9, 2018
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Facebook Q&A Recap (29.11.2018)

The Bearded Ladies were gracious enough to do another Q&A session over on the MYZ: Road to Eden Facebook page. In case you missed the Q&A we have a recap of the questions that were asked and the answers given: Q: Hey g…

3 November 30, 2018
Will the game be open for the Modding community? 2 April 19, 2019
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Intro movie in origin UE4 format! 4 February 19, 2019
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Trading Equipment 2 March 21, 2019
Best combo in your squad? 31 December 6, 2018
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