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Does in-game Customer Service or any kind of support still exist? 48 June 17, 2019
MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo - Events Listings and Links

Hi folks, this is just to let you know that on 19th June the “MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo” will be starting. This is a player run event with as many individual events as we can organise. We’ll have a few of the fa…

15 June 16, 2019
New abilities (possibly) 10 June 17, 2019
MEGAversary 2 Special Agent Raffle! 78 June 17, 2019
Blades - The Truth 35 June 17, 2019
New Content? (Oh yeah now I got your attention) 161 June 16, 2019
"Death of a game: The Secret World" by nerdSlayer 197 June 16, 2019
MEGAversary 2 Art Contest! 5 June 16, 2019
Stuck at getting character 3 June 16, 2019
Crashing at load screen 6 June 16, 2019
Unofficial Marketplace Thead - Post your WTS and WTB here 61 June 16, 2019
MEGAversary 2 Blodwedd Mallory Book Raffle! 12 June 16, 2019
[Guide] Sustain-tanking for anyone

Sustain-tanking for anyone Introduction The term “sustain-tanking” is a common reference to the way of tanking that does not require any healer in the group. Contrary to the common belief that this way of tanking is bett…

168 June 16, 2019
Is this game gonna shut down any time soon? 9 June 15, 2019
I want a cerulean eagle but 7 June 15, 2019
Offline, Searchable Lore App (for Android) - Legends Library 6 June 15, 2019
MEGAversary 2 The Re-Questioning (Movie Trivia Contest) 1 June 11, 2019
Blood magic build optimization test 8 June 14, 2019
Unable to use Inventory Items 4 June 14, 2019
Rooted + Contortion + Reticle dodge = things go wrong 1 June 14, 2019
Leos Memecorner 36 June 14, 2019
Anniversary Scavenger Hunt and MEGAversary!

Scavenger Hunt :star2: Huge special thanks to Vomher, Insein, JimmyTheRabbit, Kylaney, and Leogrim for helping. :star2: That’s right! We’re doing another scavenger hunt! We had an immensely successful scavenger hunt f…

1 June 11, 2019
MEGAversary 2 First Weekend Radio Show with Happy Tentacle Radio And Fancy Dress Contest! 1 June 10, 2019
MEGAversary 2 Mushroom Merry Melodies (Song Contest) 2 June 14, 2019
MEGAversary 2 Bike Race: 22nd June 14:00 EDT, 20:00 CEST 2 June 14, 2019
About Talos or other agartha event megabosses 20 June 14, 2019
MEGAversary 2 HolloPoint Art Raffle 4 June 14, 2019
Scavenger Hunt Clues 1 June 12, 2019
Father Duffy's Fight Club (FDFC) 6 June 14, 2019
MEGAversary 2: Elite 1 Dungeon run event! 1 June 11, 2019