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[French Version] The Right Round Tier 5 (3)
Terminal D corridor always hard pauses to load something everytime you go down there ( 2 ) (28)
Old TSW bug is back. FPS hitching near mission givers (1)
Manticore Wrath (3)
Ophanim of the Awakened interrupted by Strange Attractor (2)
Otherworldly Artifact's paradoxes don't trigger Tumultuous Sash (4)
Agent deploying "unknown" success restriction (18)
Settings Default Every Login (2)
Unable to use Inventory Items (1)
Killed by Dr Klein after he got killed (1)
South Africa Final Boss (2)
Loading screen never load (3)
[BUG?/Feedback] They Died So That Others May Live (6)
True Believer bugged (6)
Another clothing problem (1)
Tentacular Wretch (Spirals) (1)
Bug in Things That Go Bump in the Night (1)
Win Streak passive not keen enough (1)
Holdout pistol passive a bit too keen (1)
Game Crashes when I first log in and Press P (14)
Archaean Seismocratist's Flame Lash is changing aggro table for too long (16)
Cone significantly larger than the outine (3)
AH quality filter omits certain items (7)
Agent Network Typos/Inconsistencies (4)
Double Barrel Shotgun not always dealing the extra .475cp extra damage on power attacks (3)
A Carnival of Souls in a group (1)
The Abandoned - Can't Select Corpse (6)
Keybind bugged using Alt (1)
Rana, Queen of Thieves - Asset Ability Not Working (3)