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Camera Zoom doesn't function properly in 21:9 (ultrawide) resolution (1)
Event calendar shows 4 weeks of rewards (5)
Body Skin Textures are downgraded to TSW after the latest patch (3)
If I die in a Golem fight, a series of unfortunate events happens (2)
Clipping on Agartha Bounty Hunter jacket, male (1)
Basic Damage Buff From Agent Support Ability Far Greater Than 28% (9)
Terminal D corridor always hard pauses to load something everytime you go down there ( 2 ) (34)
Obstructive Persons in Shadowy Forest (5)
Agent Network Typos/Inconsistencies (7)
Unable to empower other glyphs with the free level-up glyph (9)
Sins of the Father in Besieged Farmlands (5)
Clothing bugged (2)
Buildingbugg/Vitality bugg (6)
Teleport Window - Main cities with no picture (2)
Difficult targeting with "Seeking Bullet" (4)
Agent vanity bags only giving shards (9)
Shotgun passive Combat Reload works differently than its description suggests (5)
Interrupting Eblis Cast Out Pull (8)
Blood and Fire in The City of the Sun God (1)
Foundations in The City of the Sun God (1)
The Stained Oasis in The City of the Sun God (1)
To Sir, With Love (Savage Coast) (1)
Severe FPS reduction after zone or anima leap + workaround (1)
Zooming the camera all the way out sometimes makes chat unclickable (3)
Weapon/Hotbar Swap Bug? (11)
Killed by Dr Klein after he got killed (4)
Rana, Queen of Thieves - Asset Ability Not Working (4)
Eldritch Tome Not Doing the Proper Damage (10)
Secret world - Invisible Foes (4)