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About the Bug Reports category (2)
Invisible helicopter? (1)
Venice Waiting Crisis (8)
Stuck in Combat, Saboteur Scenarios (1)
Dying in South Africa daytime (3)
Venetian Missile Crisis unfinishable bug (15)
Unable to flag @Catbot in tutorial (4)
Alt mode overlay affects GUI editor (3)
"Aurum can only be purchased once every 30 seconds. Please try again soon." (3)
Equipped agents' names don't turn red in AH (3)
Dae-Su doesn't Quartermaster (4)
Brother Tooth is a pacifist (1)
Rogue Agent / VMC calls at the same time (4)
Major problem with Into Darkness (1)
Special Agent Dossier: Faction Quartermaster cannot be used, sold or deleted (3)
Body Skin Textures are downgraded to TSW after the latest patch (10)
Mission problems (3)
My game has A crash Problem (4)
Terminal D corridor always hard pauses to load something everytime you go down there ( 2 3 ) (40)
Unable to use Inventory Items (2)
Screen flickers after The Abandoned mission (9)
Unable To Utilise Orochi Lifts To Access Corresponding Company Floor (4)
Climbing Anansi 1 / 3 (15)
The W button bug (6)
Climbing Vali 1/2 bounty mission is poorly designed (1)
Darkness War's Wayeb-Xul Balam Bloodletter Bomb Add Unattackable (4)
Glitched mob in scrapyard, Kingsmouth (2)
Activity Finder : wonky behaviour with requeueing (3)
Sanity Aphelion's effect disappears after death (8)
A Sacred Place bug (1)