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TSWDB: Mission Guides, Lore, and More! (12)

[TSWDBLogoRedTransparent] TSW Database, or TSWDB, is an enormous collection of walkthroughs and guides for Secret World Legends and The Secret World! Going on four years and counting, TSWDB has provided the community w…

Consolidated list of Gameplay Guides (1)

Hey all, by popular demand we’re opening a gameplay discussion category on the forums. I’ve moved over a bunch of relevant gameplay guides over to this category and will have them listed here for everyone’s convenience. …

Raztec Video Guides ( 2 ) (23)

Hi all, My name is Raztec, and I like making video guides for SWL. I will aim to post some videos here in days to come but for now here is a link to my page and you can see for yourself the type of stuff I make. My Yo…

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