1.43 bugs that I have noticed

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: oceania

Just a few bugs I’ve noticed with the new update

  1. Some rocks are not spawning correctly for me (haven’t tested if it works for others as nobody else is online) so when I walk to them to harvest them it rubber bands me away and I can’t mine the nodes [edit] also happening with trees in the same spot
  2. When scrolling through the build menu it jumps around a little bit, the curser will stay on the same box and moving it will restore the part I am viewing to where it was, just a minor annoyance
  3. Wights near mounds of the dead appear to be rubber banding around instead of chasing properly

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I had one (corrupted?) rock nose enemy do the same. The epic versions with the blue eyes. It was rubberbanding my thrall.
Also two epic rocknoses appeared at once, is that normal?

Note on the mining nodes, issue seems isolated to just the session I had, my clan mate could mine correctly and I could mine correctly when I swapped to the PS4 pro in the other room

I can not get close to my pet, as there is a wall between.

Crafting items at blacksmith bench seriously limited, crafting options removed for reinforced iron, steel etc and several others.

Also cannot self-craft any foundation blocks or much of anything. Options have vanished.

Welcome @thesepeople

With the recent patch all attitudes and feats were reset. You will need to learn the feats again to show the crafting options you’re missing.


Im having the same issue with crafting can only make a tiny amount of things in any of the tables or my own menu what the hell

excellent. I will give it a try. Thank you

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