1 Medikit for 55 scrap?

I have bought the medikit 3 times now, always 55 scrap for just 1 medikit, it shows x4 but I only receive 1 everytime. Is everyone spending 55 scrap for 1 medikit or are they getting 4 medikit like I feel it should?

Hey Gromstar… it isn’t indicating the quantity you will receive, but how many are in possession of the merchant. If you notice, when you buy one the number will go down.


You should get the 20%( or is it 10, can’t remember) discount by using an artifact, they cost 44 scrap then.

It is 20% - I regret that not being my first purchase for my first playthrough, but was playing on very hard and figured the extended bleed out would have been more valuable. Later on it is, early on it isn’t if you fight smart.