1 Month of Premium and paid transfer - only excuses delivered

Last month on the payday i activated my veteran account with 3 characters to
premium status and also paid for a character transfer from Fury to Crom because
Fury is dead at my timezones.

It took from the 25th to the server maintenance to get my account to premium status,
and 2 weeks before i could even log my characters on. By that time, i noticed that all my
3 characters were naked with not a single item in the bank, and my paid transfer still hadn’t happen.

Currently the 3 characters on my veteran account are still naked, still empty of items,
and i’ve heard from Support 3 times with nothing being done, and nothing offered as
an apology for the issues at hand while the problems are being solved.

So my question is, why should we pay to play this game when the support is so lacking,
both in solving issues and in communication ?. Had i not reached out for an update
on my account issues, i wouldn’t have heared from support AT ALL for a month +
despite being a premium stats paying veteran customer.

When i played WoW at the release and my character was stuck in limbo for
almost a week on the zeppelin, i was offered a 1 month free sub as an apology
from Blizzard .

I am very very disappointed in how things has been handled and
both the lack of solutions and handling handling of the situation.

Basically ■■■■■■ got a month of payment +paid char transfer from me,
without delivering . Having your chars being accessable after 2 weeks
of payment delivered, and another service unforfilled is just wrong.

My booking also does not work and it just gets declined as “Service Failed. Your points have been returned, we are looking into the problem.”. I’ve opened a ticket (#1161291) and a petition, I wonder how long they’ll take to respond.

@AndyB can you please look into this? There have been numerous reports about this in the support channel.

We are aware of the matter affecting some players attempting character transfers but I don’t have an overarching solution to offer for the issue at this time. That said, the OP and I have already been in a discussion in DMs.

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