1º PVP Championship 1x1 Server #1978

Hello people

In the official server of 1978 we are organizing a Championship PVP 1x1. We are collecting the registrations using the form below:

Only for level 60 players on the server, the tournament will be skillful so the equipment will be provided by the organizer.

All fights will be broadcast by streming and will be available after editing on youtube.

The date of the tournament will be established after a minimum number of participants so there is the possibility of even a player who starts today and evolves very quickly and can participate.

The tournament has registration fee and prizes with items of the game itself.

Thank you

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your inscription formula is in spanish, i kindof understoot the big line but maybe you should translate one in english to have more internationnal visibility ?

Great idea tho, depending of the event date i hope i will have the time to grab all requirement for it^^

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Thanks for the tip, the form is in Portuguese, I updated the form with the translated text in English;

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