1 year creeping up 8n May

May is almost here, and I hope Funcom has something special for us…just saying…
Siege battering rams and grapplings are my wish. Post yours. keep it simple:)


Double-wide doorsframes and doors to match (two foundations wide/high) and - if I were to be going a bit crazy - craftable water in some form (visual only, no swimming or fishing).

  • A craftable rainwater tank, but of course it would only fill if in an area where it’s raining, maybe even snow could count.
  • Windows, not just holes in the wall, actual windows, whether they’re glass windows or wooden/stone/iron hatches that can be opened and closed.
  • Ornamental trees, not something like a Christmas tree, just a tree intended for decoration.
  • Drawbridges.
  • More dangerous weather effects, such as blizzards that act like the sandstorm or being able to get struck by lightning.

This one has been requested more times than I care to recall now. I am still holding onto hope that it will come to pass. And some pieces with larger size windows too.


I know. I’ve suggested it myself several times or supported the suggestions of others.

But I figured if I was going to ask for something reasonably realistic for the anniversary, it’d be that. Not that Funcom has intimated anything special will happen on that day, but one can hope!

The large water well is a pretty nice multi-person bathtub. I tried taking my clothes off and climbing in - if you sit down the water’s just up to your chin (until someone decides to drink it). It’s really relaxing.

A fully fleshed out settlement system including waypoints for thralls, player vendors and optional quests (I know it won’t happen, but one can dream :wink: ).

As far as resonable and realistic goes: I’d really love to see serpents/snakes as pets.


You were just so sexy, i couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

No. I just ran into the jungle sna…rainbows and nope. Not hard to kill, but kind of a phobia with giant snakes :frowning:

Strange, I meet a lot of people lately with a phobia of snakes. It’s really not justified though, snakes will generally avoid humans. Spiders and other creepy-crawly things on the other hand… now those are disgusting. :slight_smile:

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New wells without these buckets or else stuff.
Like a giant mitrean well.
Or a wild pond for jhebbal sag? With collision set to allow people to sit in there.


I know it was talked about before and deemed impractical and I think impossible, but… I would love to be able tunnel into all of the closures cliff sides and mountains. Or at the very least to be able to bore our own tunnels through the cliff face/ mountains. I was thinking something like the horizontal elevator, but as a faux railcar that would enter on one side and pop you out on the other.

They are already ingame

Things I want…

  • Snakes to inhabit my base

  • Mounts

  • Modify crafter thrall’s clothes

  • Build and be able to use boats

  • Expand the map a bit (there are some “blank” areas to add new biomes and/or expand the ones we already have)

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Must be in a feat I’ve never noticed, or I overlook it, because I never build in water.

[quote=“CrystalGoddess, post:15, topic:58576”]
Must be in a feat I’ve never noticed[/quote]

Master Gatekeeper one

That would be why, I don’t really use gates, there’s no real need in single player.

I’ll settle for a week of meteors filled with treasure.

:joy::rofl: just please don’t change the color of the moon. I think I collected treasures for what felt like a month last time (on the the xbox). Now, in not complaining. I really did like the meteors falling everywhere, just not the color scheme.

There are two of them for me. The first would be a Monty Python dlc pack, complete with Quest for the Holy Grail themed armours, new thralls which follow us around clapping 2 coconut shells together (you know…‘mounts’) and also some placeable shrubbery.


Well, there is the “Hops” bush. But a shrubbery it is not, nor does it have a little path down the middle.