1 year creeping up 8n May

Well you know how I feel about the snakes… thanks for liking my post.:metal::smiling_imp:

And if I may add to this glorious idea…when the shameless bunny killing fiend strikes down his Xth amount of booblesnoot, the KILLER BUNNY strikes! And a Knight of Ni thrall to go with that suggested shrubbery…

Aye indeed. Perhaps it could be purchased from a vendor for Silver Coins (…not too expensive). His name would be Roger, and when interacted with he would reply:

Roger: "Yes, shrubberies are my trade. I am a shrubber. My name is Roger the Shrubber. I arrange, design, and sell shrubberies."

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I would only agree with the coconuts if and only if we could add Swallows as pets. Otherwise, how could we justify the appearance of all the coconuts? I’ll leave it up to Funcom to decide if they or will be African or English Swallows.

Then can we add another orb which bears a striking similarity to the holy hand grenade… and can only be only released on the third toss; not the second nor the fourth

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And a new emote.

“Fart in your general direction”

Don’t forget new emotes, where we can hurl insults at each other.

A Herring to harvest Trees with?

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To go with the Aquilonian dlc, maybe we could capture a Biggus Diccus.

And now for something completely different!

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The Spanish Inquisition and the Comfy Chair??

I’m sure nobody would expect the Spanish Inquisition to appear as a Purge.


I would not mind getting a smaller animal pen with fewer slots ofc. Something that actually fits within the walls of a normal size base.

Oh, python wise, a blue norwegian for decor?

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Can we just have our normal farming rates back for hide and brimstone on pvp servers please :smiley:

Still no sorcery!

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Ahh…I almost forgot my second one there. This will probably be less of a crowd pleaser, but frankly I dont care. Most people already know where I stand on this issue, and were all entitled to our own beliefs on it. A Crom dlc pack would be great. (Yes I am aware that we now have the Sword of Crom, for which I am grateful, and intend to offer offer personal thanks once it is in my hands). What this magnificent pack includes:

*Crom themed armour
*placeable sculpture of Croms mountain, in the vein and same size as the Skeletal Decoration, Snake Idol or Jade Cat
*Crom banners just like the faction ones (eg-Relic Hunters), but emblazoned with his mountain symbol
*a Crom Shrine which is either purely ornamental and offers nothing, or has a random chance to kill its owner if interacted with, much like removing the bracelet

Yes I know there is probably buckleys of this coming to pass, but the odds for my Monty Python dlc pack arent that great either.

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You know Mikey, I also happen to be a big Star Wars fan too! The second I saw the image it was an instant ‘like’ on my part. However I must ask (Im curious and nothing more) are with C3-P0s ‘the odds are too great’ side of it or Hans ‘anything is possible’ outlook? I genuinely do not mind either way. I must stand in solidarity with Hans optimistic viewpoint.

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