(10/25)TheVoid{exiled}{3x}{FAST DEDI} along with FAST CRAFT

My clan just got back into Conan and played on a few servers and each one was pure crap. The lag, the constant servers dropping, server crashes. We then found TheVoid and remembered the name from the last time we played. VERY stable, 2 nights and not one drop, not one crash. This is the server to come to if you are looking for PVP and a stable server…

If you don’t leap into The Void you must be crazy…

Unmodded Exiled Lands Server Info
Direct connect to server via:
Server Name in Browser: (10/24)TheVoid[Exiled][3X][FAST DEDI][FASTCRAFT]
This server has no mods and just some added cleanup scripts to help keep the server running nicely.
The cost to summon surges has been reduced by 50 percent of official values.

Discord Info: Well silly FunCom won’t allow links…

Been playing Conan with some friends and we got sick of the nightly DDos attacks and waiting around to play. We tried multiple servers and as soon as they got a decent population the attacks would begin.

Was told we need to move from where we were, even though we had a decent stash of stuff, to a server they used to play on and oh man was it the RIGHT decision!

Played since the fresh wipe and haven’t had any issues at all.
Server is getting a decent amount of traffic, but plenty of room for more.
There are several Clans on the server now, so things will be getting interesting quickly.
I am totally impressed with how smooth things have been on the server.

So get all your friends and take the leap into The Void!!!

Only CON I can think of is why this server wasn’t up sooner? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lothic rocks!!!

good server with perfect pvp settings for everyone!
great ping even from EU and the admin staff is awesome!
join us and have some fun on TheVoid