+10 bank storage slots (x10) stuck in CLAMS

Purchased (10x) +10 bank storage slots.
Instead of being automaticity applied. They went to claims.
I Am previously sitting at 60/300 expansion slots (the new10x10=100, + existing 60= 160), so under the 30 +10’s you may purchase.

When I check mark to claim, it asks to confirm, I do so… an error of:
A database error happened during trade. Trade will be aborted [happens repeatedly]

I’ve already did the fully reset/logged out of game by exiting out completely, waited now four weeks and had time for data files to update. Problem has not fixed itself.
(10x)+10 bank storage slots still sitting in my claims, unclaimable…

do you have an empty slot in your normal inventory bag ?

Yeah, I had nine empty, I thought you might be on to something and I got rid of two more items, (one at a time, 10 didn’t work but having 11 did) 11 empty slots in my inventory bag made me able to claim. Which went straight to bank slots passing my inventory bag all together… still doesn’t make sense, but thank you for the idea of something I thought was totally unrelated.

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you are welcome, i’m happy to help =)

The code of this game must be such a mess! No wonder that whenever they touch something, they break 2-3 more things, which apparently are totally unrelated… :laughing:

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this made me laugh, requiring spare inventory slots in order to purchase additional bank slots xD