10 bugs/issues - Exiled lands

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ PvE ]*
Region: [EU]
Hardware: [ PS4 PRO ]

Bug Description:

  1. Some rocks that give stone to the player, are coloured dark black like coal (this happens under any lighting) not sure if intended but it can make collecting coal awkward as some rocks are the same size as coal nodes nearby.

  2. Corrupted animal’s (glowing eyes) no longer give shadebloom when harvested. Other’s have reported this since late 2020 I noticed so may not be low drop rate.

  3. when switching between sandstorm mask and my hyena helmet (which is dyed white) half the time, it doesn’t switch helmet, it just turns the sandstorm mask white until removed and put back on.

  4. Sandstorm sometimes doesn’t visually appear at all, but it’ll say in the corner it is and you’ll take damage.

  5. Sandstorm makes the lighting go almost completely white and washed out, as though contrast and brightness are both turned to 100. It’s worse when not inside and standing in the desert during day, everything but your character is white.

  6. Invisible enemies! Most of the time, enemies are invisible when you pass them, and make a rocknose sound. Sometimes enemies will run past you into a wall but actually be chasing you whilst invisible and damaging you; as though bad delay/rubber banding is happening. (33 ping EU server and I currently have fiber broadband)

  7. resource nodes disappear sometimes after just 1 hit (long before depleted) happens to me a lot near my base near tower of bats.

  8. Purge didn’t work, kept showing a red marker on the map, and says they’d come (followers of asura) but nothing came. Then after a restart 30 mins later, it was finished and the bar reset.

  9. passive NPCs in Sepermeru will attack you if you fight back against prowlers/bandits. (If not a bug, hope you can change this, it’s pretty immersion breaking. The guards should probably be attacking the prowlers when in aggro range or not getting involved)

  10. Motion Blur (in settings) still cannot be turned off, the check box when unticked doesn’t do anything.

Expected Behavior:

Please see above

Steps to Reproduce:

All of the bugs above happen naturally whilst playing and don’t require any specific action to trigger.


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