10 bugs noted down below, half followed the template lol

Game mode: Public non official multiplayer server
Problem: Bugs
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

  1. Smash a thralls face in and sometimes it will fall through the map.
  2. If you manage to smash a thrall with the truncheon, and you start dragging him, it bugs out and sometimes flips out and disappears (noticed if you go down an incline)
  3. If you leave a thrall on the ground for a minute or two sometimes they disappear and you have to relog and it will show again.
  4. If you try knock out a thrall near a bench or something it wont get knocked out and it will just get stuck and cant be knocked out, have to kill it to make it respawn.
  5. Whenever you login to the game, your base doesn’t render properly for the first 30sec-1min and scares the crap outta me because it looks like im wiped (never use to do this)
  6. Display racks dont do their job of displaying.
  7. The map has a fkd invisible building area around the top of it, cant build in 2 high building has to be 3 in the middle despite it having plenty of room.
  8. No loot when kill thralls and loot chests in the volcano region
  9. Around the lava forge, you die from lava when you arent in lava lol
  10. Alot of the jungle seems to be baron when it comes to resources and AI, walked around alot of it and nothing there, seems to me and some other people your effort went into the nice trees and not the ground area lol