100% spawn for t4s... (Cant be right)

well there is a 100% chance of getting a t4 thrall in new asargath all chieftains, from most professions, i thought this could not be right…

there is also another spot where spawns other t4s 100% of the chance (one in noob river) i wonder if this is intended or if you plan to fix it?

pictured one of them .


Are the Exile’s all fighters? If so then yes I believe that is intended. There are also Black Hand versions. (Or at least it looks intended in the data table, Funcom might have something else up their sleeve for all I know)

The Chieftan might be a 100% guarantee but a shared spawn so that it can spawn one of 9 options, from what I can tell from the data table.


fighhters are darfari i think.

i have not seem the alchemist with chieftains , is it there?


There are at least 2 alchemist spawns that I can find in the village.

There is 1 alchemist spawn by a Watchtower. I won’t give exact locations because, too much effort, and it spoils the fun. Spawn rates are about the same as any other Tier 4 Thrall. Happy hunting :wink:


Originally I thought Alchemists were part of the shared artisan spawns, but they are not. For Heirs to the North, there are 3 dedicated Alchemist spawn points. Chieftan cannot spawn as an alchemist.

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Where can i find the darfari chieftain

having a spawn point that has 1 out of 9 chances to get the profession, is way higher than the chances of getting any other thrall in the map , but always a guarantee t4, is totally unbalanced. this needs to be adjusted.

it should goes the same way as you do with any other random camp. not a 100% t4 spawn rate. please fix.

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Can you tell me the alchemist spot please ?.
I need white dye/black dye.
I’m in a serious gaming not just for fun

those are purge only alcheys and black dye drops from volcano mobs.

these spot we are talking are spawn purge thralls

You can check their name in wiki , The big guys those thralls spawn in these spot are Purge thralls

I think you’re confused. Which named thralls are you talking about.


I found a new Chieftain spawn in New Asagarth infront of the “Town hall”.
TeleportPlayer -81349.6875 -46026.667969 247.390625

At this location, there are only T4 named, Chieftain spawns with different names and as far that i can tell, nearly ALL kind of professions. (Fighter, Archer, Carpenter, Cook, Taskmaster, Tanner, Armorer, Smelter …)

That means not even T1, T2 or even T3 at this spawn. Just named T4s at one single spot.

I CANT imagine that this is intended by the developers.
With such a spawn, i dont need any other spawn in the game anymore, to get all T4 i need for my base.
And besides that, Heirs of the North are not even weak when it comes to the new “HP balancing”.

So are you 100% sure you want such a spawn ingame that breaks the whole “farming Thralls all over the map” ? Someone only need to stay there to get ALL Thralls he needed.

Please tell me thats a mistake in the spawntables, because thats even worser than the old 100% T4 spawns at the volcano.


P.S.: I need a coffee now … What does the Community say about such an Overpowered spawn ingame ?


this can’t be intended. one spot to get most T4 profession thralls with a 100% spawn rate? please fix it as fast as possible. this spawn point will break the game on official servers and private servers.

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exactly my point in the opening thread.

i am after the location that multigun told A FEW post above(what he found on the tables) for the black hand spawn point, unsuccesfull for now,

if any of you happen to find others t4 spawn points, please report it here? thanks!

This will help many new player to catch up the old player I guess , Many new player has come in my server and all of them happy about this.

Also It is very nice for me because an old player can farm them too.

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still breaks the purpose of thrall hunting.

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Yes, the exiles called Wanderer, 1-10 are all fighter thralls.

I believe its at Scuppers Shelter or just south.
At least, I’ve been past twice and nabbed 2 named purge fighters.

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Hey there,

Our team is looking into this.

I dont see a problem with it. If you dont want to get all your thralls from that one spot then just dont. You need armourers etc from different races so theres that also, and it doesnt affect pve in any way. As for pvp it can only be good having a location thats in demand to fight over.

not like it is a guaranteed T4 Thrall to your liking either, you can get the Archers / Fighters a dozen times in a row when looking for the Armorer or smelter for example.
And you don’t need five tanners either.