1000 attempts to find Zath T4 Thrall to no avail

I have been trying to find a T4 Zath thrall. My understanding is the two T4 Zath thralls are Serka of the Silk or Nydal the Spinner. My strategy is horse back riding to Mitra’s Serenity, killing the priest there if it isn’t a T4 Zath thrall, then going to Sinners refuge and killing the person in the back of the cave if it isn’t a T4 Zath thrall… I then go back to Mitra’s Serenity and repeat the process. After doing this hundreds of times and not getting a T4 Zath thrall, I started keeping count of how many runs I make. I just broke 1,000 runs with no sign of a T4 Zath thrall. That is checking a possible spawn point 2,000 times. I am apparently very unlucky.

My question is, should I spend the time to kill the mob at the T4 Zath thrall spawn location or are those locations so far apart that the mobs will reset? If I don’t have to spend the time dismounting and killing the mob, I can get more runs in.


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Please see my dear friend @droch-aon, who is apparently like Catnip for Zathers.

All you need to do is kill or wheel the priest. You can leave the rest of the mob alone, as you say, just bounce back and forth. Try this right after server reboot.

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Funny you say server reboot, because that is when i seem to find more named in general. I really wonder if there is a calc bug over the day that gets worse and is causing seemingly change in rng in general i see posters make. It could be a sode effect of data getting so big in the db before server restarts cleanse them. Thus instead of going to the rng table it loops back the last id spawned like it is reloading area, not respawning that npc. Just a tech thought.

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My understanding of how things work,
The spawned thrall won’t reset unless you kill the previous spawn or the server restarts.

Used it to my advantage, because we can pick up building pieces now…
I have what my eternal friend @Barnes calls a Yurt it’s a small round building with a medium wheel.

Picked it up, put it on a bearer and hauled it halfway across the map and reassembled just because Barnes told me he sighted a T4, which I then captured.


I haven’t looked into the code to be honest. From an observational standpoint, as in someone who studies casino games and keeps track of the “reelroll,” it would appear Server Reboot resets the RNG Process, as we’re calling it for simplicity. I would assume Gold Bars are weighted these days, thus a reset will cause a coordinated and observable stacking, or multiples.

This timing is what I do when I’m looking for a named Bearer. Hit the Galleon outskirts every server restart, work it for five cycles and quit. (At least 2 Named Bearers in easy reach.)

Dro employed this right next to my base, then scooted when it became un-fun.

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I can attest to server restarts being the best time, as you may or may not know, I was a World of Warcraft player. I used to be a “rare” hunter / collector . I worked out the timers for the various rares and would start the clock with server reset. This method paid off quite well until zone phasing made it impossible.

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Guys, I’m sorry that this is off topic, but I had an emergency, went to the server and saw that I didn’t have my house, the slaves were all in the air and nothing else, it was written in the logs that the administration removed the buildings, they didn’t use bugs, they didn’t break the rules. How to contact the administration?! Or where to apply?

It’s a local single player game so I can reboot it as often as I like :slight_smile:. But that means I am essentially already doing this. Loading the local game and immediately starting my run. I do notice when I don’t kill the NPC and I move between sinners refuge and Mitra’s serenity, that the mobs in that location do change. (maybe because it’s a local instance and not a multiplayer online instance. I just don’t know if it’s better to kill them.

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I don’t know if that helps, but I had both in a purge on Savage Wilds. It was the “Zealots of Mitra” iirc. Maybe they spawn in that Purge in the base game, too. That Purge spawns a lot of Mitra Priests, and as they seem to be on the same spawn table, it seems plausible that it’s not a Savage Wild thing. Maybe create a base that provokes Mitra purges.

I can agree with the OP.
Hours apon hours killing the priest at Mitras Serenity. Every once in awhile I come across a Zath Dancer priest. But man alive…

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I got Nydal the Spinner 4 times at Mitra’s Serenity, but after weeks of farming and no sign of Serka I’m done. Not worth the hassle.

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