1055 Speedhacker INvisable guy kills every one on the server

Hacker in 1055 Pvp Player name: 34234 dff Speed hacks. Got video evidence on stream. Please admins we love the game but this takes our fun away. Video evidence @ stream twitch.tv/justin_kees

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killed me as well!

Chinese and russian hackers in private pvp servers all around, they just jump from one server to another, do they care about playing?

The hacker is already on some servers! If the hacker is using a family sharing account, you should block it, otherwise it is too easy to create new accounts all the time!

Currently it is too easy for hackers/glitcher in Conan, the game fun decreases and Conan Exiles loses again valuable players!

The easiest way for Undermesh is to build a drawbridge,… there are also some statues…just to name one of the examples!

For people who interfere so much in the game, so with their own programs, you should be harder, hacking is a crime in every country


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