[1092] FUNCOM need your support for explain ! Cheater? Or just insulting?

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for the subject in the title, but i’m tired.

Today i found 4 vaults underwater at P8 on map. I’ll be direct and synthetic: i looted them because they were decayed (i tried to interact with them hoping to find them decayed).
I dismantled 1 by 1 and carried all what i can inside my base (on the far island at P8).

Now, there is a clan “Eyes of Horus” that threathened me because it was their territory, no problem about it, it’s the game, but when they started to raid building a siege tower, i used what i found inside the vaults for defend myself.

And this is the result:



they didn’t believe about the story of a decayed building (i told them that was a base because i was hoping to be leaved in peace, a base isn’t like 4 full vaults :slight_smile: )

I’m disappointed because globally i was insulted because they DON’T know a game mechanic like a decayed item/vault.

So, they took some stuff raiding me, no problem, i only want to know if there is a solution to a reputation that is lost when 3 people starting to bullying you, insulting you (see screens below) and telling globally that you are a cheater…

PLEASE explain this game mechanic

This is ok, i don’t think it’s an insult…but…

trying to explain them…

I had “only” 20-25 bombs that i found inside the vaults. Please funcom verify my log…is all there like the fact that i’m not a cheater.

Ok i finished with this

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