[1092] FUNCOM need your support for explain ! Cheater? Or just insulting?



Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for the subject in the title, but i’m tired.

Today i found 4 vaults underwater at P8 on map. I’ll be direct and synthetic: i looted them because they were decayed (i tried to interact with them hoping to find them decayed).
I dismantled 1 by 1 and carried all what i can inside my base (on the far island at P8).

Now, there is a clan “Eyes of Horus” that threathened me because it was their territory, no problem about it, it’s the game, but when they started to raid building a siege tower, i used what i found inside the vaults for defend myself.

And this is the result:

they didn’t believe about the story of a decayed building (i told them that was a base because i was hoping to be leaved in peace, a base isn’t like 4 full vaults :slight_smile: )

I’m disappointed because globally i was insulted because they DON’T know a game mechanic like a decayed item/vault.

So, they took some stuff raiding me, no problem, i only want to know if there is a solution to a reputation that is lost when 3 people starting to bullying you, insulting you (see screens below) and telling globally that you are a cheater…

PLEASE explain this game mechanic


This is ok, i don’t think it’s an insult…but…

trying to explain them…

I had “only” 20-25 bombs that i found inside the vaults. Please funcom verify my log…is all there like the fact that i’m not a cheater.

Ok i finished with this


I am not Funcom
What I read was that you are playing on a PvP server. You find a vault unguarded and break it open. You gather the loot and take it home. One official servers, this is not cheating it is playing PvP.

In PvP it doesn’t matter if the vault / structure was decayed or not. If you were able to break it without exploits, it’s not cheating.

There is not a cure for bad behavior. I suggest your avoid interacting with the clan members. The players who use this server will create their own opinions based on continuous behavior. If you feel you must discuss, perhaps go light and simply ask why they believed you cheated to gain the loot. It probably won’t help however as the language used in the chat indicates that they are on the lower end of the maturity scale. I would ignore them and enjoy the game.


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