10th anniversary reward - Suggestion

Good evening all,

I am a bit concerned about those ‘possible’ rewards.
I know that the ‘real’ 10th anniversary reward is day 14th mount, which btw we can only get on one of our many chars on one account (a bit cheap if you ask me…). However I feel like everyone should have gotten at least 1x Lion pet (I know i know many dont like it etc etc) and 1x Lion vanity cloak, once again only on one of our many chars, very cheap. But it’s even worse than that because we only get a ‘chance’ at those.

I dont like game of chances, not only because I usually end up with bad luck, but also because I find this random method completely unfair and frustrating.

You are handing out a lot of relics and shards, and that’s probably very great for people still leveling a char or new players. But what about your long time loyal customers being around the game for years? Do you honestly think they have anything to do with those for most of them?
At a certain point in the game, mostly only vanity matters, or at least vanity items to show we were ‘there’ to celebrate this particular event.
Not only this random drop, I feel is unfair, but from what I am seeing, and to me that’s even worse, supports Gold sellers who are running real money business out there. Sometimes I wonder if you are officially supporting them, offering them holy bread (rare items) for them to sell. I can understand the idea underneath when those items are from the crates you are selling from the item shop and which they buy in quantity giving you money in return, but from an anniversary event with absolutely no gain for you, really what is the point?

It can make sense if the drop rate would have been more important and that every user would have gotten at least a few of those per account, but as we speak, on my main account I did not get any of those two, even if I claimed the box every single day, did RF every day when that was required, and all I got was relics and shards I have absolutely no use for.

One thing which would have made it fair for everyone willing to participate in the ‘event’ would simply have been to grant those two ‘rare’ rewards to anyone who did log and claimed that anniversary box every day for the full length of the event, meaning as reward on final Day 21 but this time as BoP so they cannot be traded if you want.

In the past there were many items that were given on rare occasions and we can no longer get in the game, or veteran items only players with veteran tokens can get, and they can brag about it because they were there.
I was there at the 10th anniversary event and I dont really have anything to show off with like the Zath cloak,

10th anniversary is supposed to be something special, and I really cannot understand why everyone who was there at the time would not get a special item for it.

At least put those items at a seller, guilding or RF, so we can trade those useless shards for it.
Simply because I refuse to buy anything from the gold sellers and we all know who they are.

It would just be great if you could make any of those thing happening just to show your long term and loyal customers, they matter to you too.