10th year anniversary login rewards (NOT ENOUGH TIME?)

Someone always loses out, that’s just how life is. No different than last year and the free lvl 80’s. You had guys crying on the chat channels they logged in a day late and didn’t get it and how come an exception can’t be made.

The event was published on multiple sites, it lasted 21 days and yes because of RL not everyone got to play, it happens.

As far as the pet (for level 80’s only) and cloak, sure the drop rate might have been a bit low, that I’ll agree with.

The Golden Lion that was given as login reward to a single character should have been a box award.
The login reward should have been a toned down “Silver Lion” and account wide.

Also giving a 21 day period for 21 login rewards is expecting your customers to log in everyday and denying them to have a life outside AoC. Customers are not Community Managers or Game Masters that can connect to the game from work (this game is their work, so for them it is easy to connect every day! )
I would suggest them for next year to give 21 rewards over a 30 day (1 standard Funcom month) period.

And for it to be truely BONUS awards it should be on top of the normal daily login rewards

That is propaply why the last…10 (7?) rewards were only 10 shards and a box. The mount was the 14th day, so you needed to log in 2/3 of the days to get the super special login reward. Login in takes at worst a few minutes, I think even someone who does not work at FC and who does usually not play every day could manage this.

Took me an hour, hour and a half tops to log in and open the boxes on 4 accounts each day. Once the ‘open with any daily challenge’ went into effect it went pretty quick.