10th year anniversary login rewards (NOT ENOUGH TIME?)

Hello! The 10th year anniversary login rewards are great but i know of a great amount of people (me included) who missed a day or two when the rewards first launched. This means alot of people wont be able to get all the login rewards. When i think back on the timespan there has been to claim all the login rewards it feels abit short. I really just want to ask if the devs possibly could extend the 10th year anniversary some days so everyone gets enough time to claim them all? This would be appriciated by alot of people including me! Please Devs hear my prayer!

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You are only missing out on a handful of atlantean shards and relics, hardly a big deal.

Gief more time, I want the lion mount atleast :crazy_face:

I assume you are from crom which is why you say it isent a big deal, On Fury raid tokens and shards are alot harder to come by then they are on crom. I think its the least funcom can do for fury for the 10th anniversary.

I think F/C saw the Lion Mount as being the big prize which is why it was in the middle of the login awards. This is really no different than last year with the free slot & lvl 80. The info was put out on FB, AoC site, Steam and MMORPG.com if you missed or ignored the word it’s really on you.

Bonjour à tous !
Je n’arrive pas à ouvrir les cadeaux car il faut être en “épique”. Je ne comprends pas ce qu’il faut faire. Pouvez-vous m’aider?
Je vous remercie.

Please extend it.

Il faut remplir un des objectifs quotidiens (les Challenges en anglais, touche C par défaut) pour pouvoir ouvrir une caisse.

Bonjour !
En effet, cela fonctionne ! Merci !

I fully support this, I was unable to login and would appreciate at least a stay of execution until Thursday if at all possible, I know it seems small, but at least I wont miss the lion by 1 frakkin day… :frowning:

As per yesterday announcement, It really does not seem like you’ve been heard.

But neither was I…
I did the whole event, opened 21 anniversary boxes every single day, doing RF every single day when that was required prior the changes to get the buff, yet I did not get a single Lion pet, nor a single Lion cloak.
Very very frustrated here. All I got was shards and relics I absolutely have no use for…
Really feel cheated here.
No wonder why players are not renewing subscriptions (including me).

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Just go buy them on trader if they mean that much to you. The cloak is like what 20-25 gold, and the pet 40-50 gold. I guess the problem is that you might be f2p, and if you’re not renewing because you feel cheated of not getting a social cloak and pet, well go renew and buy it on trader. My point is: You can get them even though you have been unlucky.

Yes you are right, if I was not F2P now, I could have gotten them there, but it is not possible anymore. And no, I am certainly not going to resub for them :stuck_out_tongue:
But in just a few weeks, the only ones who will be selling those will be the infamous Gold sellers making a living of such trades… (part which annoyed me the most tbh).

Those items will maybe reappear at Gilding or RF vendors… who knows.

Fact remains this year not only they have been real cheap, but lousy in the way they decided to hand out the rewards. Sad, real sad.


You are f2p, you do not renew because you did not have the desired items but you will not renew to take the desired items.
My friend, I’m sorry but you’ve lost a bit of credibility.
I ask, why should funcom support you when you do not support the funcom?

@zujilin: Indeed I used to be playing premium from the beginning and for years after that, but I have not renewed it during Saga because already there were few things I started to really dislike about the game and of course, no new content at all for years. Only some recycling at best. So me not renewing sub has nothing to do with those two items, yet that kind of politic to hand something with a hand to take it back from the other one, just annoys me.

If you like it that’s fine, maybe I am just the only one, but I don’t.

In my view, a gift should just be given to everyone, premium or not does not matter, it was a celebration ‘reward’.for being here I know the ‘real’ reward was the mount, I hear you. Yet would have been nice if everyone would have gotten those rare vanity items. That’s all.


Then they wouldn’t have been rare, would they?

I not complain that. You can pay or not, that is your choise and i am no one for tell you what you have pay with your money.
What i have not liked was the childish “blackmail” i not got items so i dont pay and one post after that write i dont pay at all anycase.
But is only my opinion.

I now understand your original message better. You misunderstood me, or more likely I probably have not explained myself well enough. Me being subbed to the game or not has nothing to do with this current situation of me feeling the anniversary reward conditions of attribution being ‘a game of chance’, to my opinion, were unfair. But no, no blackmail at all.
Over the years I gave to this game more than any other game I ever played or bought. And that’s not only through sub, but also itemshop purchases. So I feel quite fine about how much I paid to this game.
But I totally understand you and probably many other consider it childish to “complain” about something you consider unfair or maybe even some consider it trolling. It is not the case, but It is ok I don’t mind. It was not simply “whining” because I did not receive any of those 10th anniversary vanity items. If I want I can get those quite easily, without supporting Gold sellers it’s an other story, but I can get them yes. Many others wont.
I don’t think because I am the only one who seemed concerned about this, I am the only one who found the way this year anniversary reward was hand out kind of cheap. But maybe I am wrong.
Or maybe I am just the only one unlucky enough not to have gotten a single of those two vanity 10th anniversary item out of 21 opened box. It would not be a surprise, I was always bad at game of luck anyway :sob:

@ErikT: Well yes and no. Is it not rare enough being 1x item per account, knowing that most of players have more than 1x character per account and have to choose which of their chars shall have the item to use?
Most of long time players probably even have 8-12 char per account.

But we are getting a bit off topic here or kind of ninjanapping the OP which was about the event extension in time so he could ge the day 14th reward mount. Sorry kind of my fault. Feel free to reply to me in the thread I made about those concerns to go on with this conversation if you wish, would probably be more appropriate.

Now back to original topic obviously anniversary event extension is not going to happen since it was removed as of today server restart

I fully understand, we are misunderstood, I fully agree with you about too random rewards, I think like you and I have always thought the same thing, even with regard to other random loot like those of the WB

I pay for the premium and yet I had 2-3 days left. Sad. Couldn’t even get the 20 points. Well, it might be my last sub this year because simply outside of gold extension, premium will be garbage for me next month. The game doesn’t offer me anything good for premium, and this event was damn short. So yeah, disappointed.