11.6.97 patch, logged into my "loot drop on death disabled" server all my stuff was gone. Event log shows my body wasn't looted nor did I die

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

[Logged in after ridiculously unnecessarily large 60gb patch, all my stuff was gone. Checked event log, all of my currently equipped gear and items in my pocket were mysteriously dropped on the floor and decayed. No where does it say my unconscious body was looted, nor did it tell me I died. Playing in a server where loot drop on death is disabled. I have a video of my event log saved on Xbox live but have no idea how to access it and post it from my Xbox or my phone. I don’t own a PC.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Easy solution. Msg your admin with the screenshots and ask him to spawn the items back for you. He can also check whether something went wrong with the server settings.

Hello @LTDBlackWidow, unfortunately we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items.

We apologize for the frustration and recommend depositing all your inventory in a chest when playing online, which should help prevent any possible loss of items should something happen to your character while you’re offline.

You’ve missed the point entirely. I wasn’t asking for refund if my items. I was reporting a bug and hoping i could be told why this happened. But, everyone is right the devs don’t care about the problems with the game and are more interested in making us download 60gb of music instead.

Something deffinately went wrong with the server settings. The big ■■■ 69gb music update reset all the server settings to default.

We understand your frustration and do appreciate your submission, however, as you’ve stated that the Event Log didn’t share any relevant information, it would be of no use to us, which is why it wasn’t asked for.

Also, the steps shared to reproduce the issue do not provide any relevant insight into this situation, so we’d recommend that you read through our guideline to ensure that any further posts are as informative as possible.

To conclude, please rest assured our team is looking into any useful data and feedback in regards to the recent patch in order to address any potential issues such as yours. Should you recall or have any new detail to share, feel free to share it with us, we’re always listening!

How am I supposed to reproduce the bug? I logged in like I always do in a server where you don’t drop loot. Somehow after the stupid ■■■ patch my crap drops on the floor and decays. Before the stupid as music patch this crap never happened. You tell me how to reproduce it I’m not the one who broke it in the first place. FIX THE DAMN PROBLEMS AND STOP FIXING WHAT AINT BROKE. 60 GB OF STUPID ■■■ MUSIC. WASTE OF MONEY.

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