1111 still crashing, 5 days in a row!

Please FIX 1111!!! Its crashing now for days! Whole Weekend and now even today like 8x. Unable to Play! Players leaving Server. Its not even possible to upkeep god bubble like this …


pls do something

Join our server and help it grow. Server is 2x EXP and 3x Harvest.
No Gods and to begin only weekend raids.

Exiles Playground CW.

Please FIX Pfirelord. He is good fighter, but he has no honor and is annyoing us 24/7, wants to wipe us and is always flaming.

I would love to wipe you for your talk in chat but the server crashes dont allow me. There is no honor in the exiled lands

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3 crashes tonight :frowning:

server is down again. maybe do something after 6 days?