#1126 yog arch not spawning

hi I play on surver 1126 and me and a group if buddies have bean farming non stop all day for a yog arch but one just dosent seam to spawn.

Where have you been farming? The summoning place will have them as well as the darfari camps that are around the same area (I think the one closest to the tower of bats has a priest). Variance is a thing though and it could just be tough luck. The bottom of the galleon has a yog priest spawn but in my experience if you try to farm there, it takes a lot longer than just sweeping darfari camps due to all the other thrall spawns that you have to deal with.

I do a full circle around every spawn location every 15mins

I managed to get one I raided the biggest clan and they had a chest of them 55 to be exact

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