1129 Critical Server issues 1 hour

26.12.2018 beginn : 16:00 , i cant get stone or iron , i cant fight just give them a bleeding status to kill them , i just can get plants/Cristalls from the ground. The Npc´s dont attack anymore and lagging abaut the servers(follow me looooooong time). this server laggs now 1 hour. i dont know why this server laggs so hard but all players (17 players) get this lag too so im not alone. i hope you can fix it and pls forgive my english because im not good at it :))

UPDATE 17:21:
Attacking / Harvest dont loose stamina / dont give materials you ONLY can pick up things whit your hands
Players and Npcs at the mapp can walk normaly but dont get dmg anymore ( playing on a pvp server )
Crafting at tables or building works normaly

Yep, still having issues on this server. Shame there is no official support for official servers

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