12 chest despawmed still not had them returned to me. help?

I have reported this to a Dev I meet online.

I have had 12 medium chests disappeared last week. these contained a large some of items ranging from flawless armour , legendary weapons and keys, spare vaults, steel, refined steel, black ice and ect

can I have these returned to me? I don’t feel like I am asking much but if your going to turn round and give me a delayed excuse then can I have a refund and still keep the game. as that’s a blow too low taking all my gear and resource materials I’ve gathered.

please respond back.

yeah a clan mate of mine lost all his stuff.

vault and 20 chest or so - sorry to say but your probally SOL here.

I really just don’t think funcom can handle the job or even care they fix one thing break dozens of others.