12 hour window for Testlive Event not remotely enough

I’m generally not one to complain but I’m telling FunCom right here and now… a 12 hour window for an event on Testlive is not even remotely close to enough time and here are the reasons why.

  1. You only have 3 servers for each NA and EU. That equals a maximum of 240 players at any given time.

  2. You offered a special incentive of the next DLC being free if you worked to yourself up to lvl 25. This will cause the Testlive to be flooded by thousands more people then normal, probably tens of thousands.

  3. Even when you do get on a server, any hiccup that causes you to be bumped from the server puts you back in a massively long wait to try and get back on a server which you were already on. (this happened to me, still waiting an hour later to get back on).

  4. You will have a large number of players that will not hop off after reaching 25-30 levels but will instead stay on the servers grinding all the way to max level so they can control some factor of the game on a test server. This effectively denies other players a chance to earn the incentive as well as cheat FunCom itself from getting a larger cross-section of feedback on potential issues.

  5. This kind of poor judgement in how to proceed with an incentive give-away is going to cause a serious outrage and backlash from the community and you will see people making all kinds of posts of how they were cheated and some (figure roughly 12%-15% as an average) will just rage quit the game completely and entirely.

Is this how you want to really deal with this FunCom? I doubt it and I urge you to expand this event to include more days, like all the way through the weekend because put bluntly, you are cheating a very large number of people and yourself and there will not be positive feedback from this.

Kal Jaxa


I’m not surprised that on an American holiday (Happy Birthday USA) with 3 hours notice, that we filled all of the spots available in moments. Personally, I have not, nor expect to get in (though i will try). But, yeah… 240 players, then many of those will actually stick around and test things, and still others will stay on to grief others from being able to get on. It’s not right to place incentives on something that isn’t possible for a majority to be able to even get on to do…

Console player here,

As for PC players, not able to get in… Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

But honestly, sounds reasonable enough, the numbers of people testing and time frame. I’ve seen test windows of far more, using much more functional software (futures trading), do test like this with a minor/bug fix release that has gone through internal integration testing with no issue. Hell, internal trading desk at banks usually just want an assurance the software has been through conformance and ask for maybe two mock trading sessions before release, so pretty sure Funcom isn’t being rushy or overly ambitious here.

I’d like to see something given to those of us who ran test servers prior to launch. That wonderful combat update that makes this game what is is wouldn’t have been possible without us. The testlive official servers were empty. The majority of bug reports for MP came from us private server owners.

The playerbase should thank us for that.

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It takes 35 minutes, including 10 for setup and cinematics, to get to Level 25. I accidentally made it to 26.75 before I decided to quit having so much fun, and give others a turn.


You both miss the point, which is to test stability on the fixes they just have made.

Many of those things may ocurr at a later stage in the game, on different places on the map etc.
Therefore its good that some players are faster and go higher then normally on testlive, so they can test the end game recipies, biomes and journey steps.

So to say the test is of no value just because you, and just you cant play is just not true.

What grief, the op is griefing, i dont, and i havent played on testlive yet either, but thats beside the point of the test, and as i can see the servers are all full, and that prooves another point.
Incentives like this is posted on the suggestionforums before, and now they can see how this kind of thing really grabs the playerbase by the nuts, and id like more of this type of thing on live servers too after a while.

As long as servers are full the logs wil be filled and feedback will be given, thats the key, not a free dlc key for 10usd…
That will moove us close to a bug free game, but i suppose a spot for you on testlive tonight is what really matters right, not the 500 jesuspatch?

I rest my case

The incentive will do very little to bugfix testing and more along the lines of load testing, which is fine. But we’re not going to be able to test known holes in the map, rhino hitboxes, see if wells work after server restarts, see if fish traps keep working, and most of the 500 fixes in this small time frame with people not being able to log back in once.

The problem here is more along the lines of lack of servers. The chances are there that hundreds of players can’t get in. Yes, it would be considered griefing if someone purposefully stays logged in, without testing anything (afk or just talking) with the purpose of blocking others from getting in.

most people got to 25 and logged off in 2 hours. Not as bad as you think. And they JUST upped the servers to 60 slots.

Looks like they are increasing the player cap to see if the servers can handle it.

50% more people. That ought to help considerably.

You must understand that there is a reason why they want the servers filled, and the purpose is to see if anything major happens before release.
They send a chunc of their staff on hollidays next week, and this is ofc why.

I do not second guess their work, they know what they need, and so it is enough, if you agree or not is beside the point, i think they could set up 50 servers in a blink, as i can set up 5 at home in minutes, so thats no issue.
I want the patch and dont give a damn about a free dlc, get ones priority straight imo.

They have enough, thats it, and i like it, because now we may be getting a big patch, adressing many things.
1 full server is 1 full server, and now they have 6, all on latest release, will be exiting to see what gives during the early morning hours:)

Regarding maps with hidden glitches they must be fixed, and thats a real easy fix for the terraformers.

They now upped capacity on the servers to 60, so apparently it is going well:)

Yep. I got in, did my level 25 in less than 1 hour and popped out so someone else could have a go. I did not notice any issues other than some odd NPC behavior that I have not noticed before. It could have been because of the high server load, but I experienced no stuttering or other problems. I was in a fight with a couple of Darfari NPCs and got down to one and was low on health when another player showed up and started taking the heat. We traded the NPC a few blows then I left because I was on a time table. The game Seemed to work better than what I am used to. Maybe the back end fixes actually did something.

I was playing on Combat_TestLive_US1, and I can honestly say that I was greatly impressed with how many people actually came out and said something along the lines of “Well, I’m lvl 25, I’m going to log now to let someone else have a chance.”

I understand your issue there, but many people were actively thinking about the other players having a chance, so that’s a definite kudos to the playerbase. :smiley:

Where? _
15 characters.

Such a nice answer…

No really. I was playing not paying attention to forums. So first thing I see when looking at forums was “there is an event and its only 12 hours”. So of course I am like “dafuq?!” - asking for where.

Btw. The answer to my question is this one:

So basically they want to stress test their build to make sure there are no gamebreaking bugs (like mammal one I guess) and want to push this thing out if there arent any. Dont expect any changes or further fixes. If the game will be running good, we will get those fixes with all the new bugs. Thats the deal. (Or rather what I assume it to be.)

So dont expect them to fix their fixes if they really decide to push this one out.
However, a big thanks to the dev team for this chance.

Also, I dont want to be the one who checks the mails for them. :joy:

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i playted for 2 hours yesterday on Test live 3 and hit 25. Seemed pretty stable to me especially with the server having nearly 60 on the whole time. All those whining that they won’t get the chance… No one is staying on beyond 25 unless they are helping a friend hit 25. So the chances for you to get on and hit 25 and a get afree dlc after its all said and done are not impossible. Can’t folks be happy that we have a chance to get the patch this friday? Goodness the sheer negavity everyday must get tiresome to some.

You were close! Luckily they upped the server caps to allow another 50% more people in, BUT that 12 hour window wasn’t remotely enough time for proper bug testing. If you’ve seen the forums over the last day, you can see a lot of people who begged for it, then chided them for releasing it, lol. I place the blame on the players in the forums for telling them to release it, as much as I do Funcom for actually releasing it.

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