12 months bundle deal - gifts on 2nd and 3rd character

So I’m new to swl and i’ve read a lot about the game and the 12 months bundel deal. I couldn’t find a answer to my question so that’s why I made this topic. I hope that I’m in the right section.

Question: I’ve read that it’s account wide, but, lets say I want to make a new character and I already claimed the gifts from getting the bundel on my first character. Will I get all of them items also on my 2nd character? And on my 3rd? If I decide to make a second or 3rd character?

Also what is the maximum amount of characters you can have on 1 account?

You claim the rewards separately for each character, so any new characters will also be able to claim. I don’t know what the maximum number of characters allowed is though.

The max I am allowed is 8
I have a TSW transfer, non GM account - Sometimes sub sometimes not
… Depends on my mood …:face_with_monocle:

Thanks for the fast reply guys, appreciate it. I purchased the 12 months deal but I didnt’t recieve any of the items? I restarted the client and then it recognised the Patrol status but still no items? No outfit no wep no sprint? Does it take time for it to be deliverd?

Check Delivered items. There should be an icon somewhere on your screen but if not - find them in menu.

I guess it takes a couple of hours for the items to be delivered. I got them now. Yaay! Late last night nothing and when I checked this morning I got them!

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