13 days and Relic hunters still broken!

it’s been 13 days and the Relic hunters still broken. i know you guys said the fix that you submitted initially was stuck in certification but it least please disable the PVP. i lost 20 to 30 thralls every day because of some players in my server and also from the purge !!! you guys can keep us waiting for 2 weeks, 5 weeks, a year it’s fine for me but i don’t want all my thralls to be killed because of a bug in a game and you guys can’t fix it fast enough !!!

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@Zeb i can’t because i got 4 bases and i got relic hunters on the wall for protection i also got so many archers towers it will be so hard to build in them ):

The reason for killing them is just one.
One day he was an important part of the base’s defense system and now he is nothing.
Kill him and enter the base, loot a base that was once extremely secure. and that now you don’t even have to draw your sword to plunder it. Just use bombs. maybe the bombs’ impact is enough to kill the relic hunters.

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