1313 time raid 16:00 EUROPE?


How is it possible that on server 1313 the attack time is 1h before the announced?
Server 1313 Europe, Clan Cloud9 former clan 300 ban

@Pi0_o me dijeron que el horario de raid es de 16 a 22 en este server.

@Ignasis have a ticket opened for establish a real raid time in settings? i reported this a few months ago in 1126, you tell me that with the time change versus eeuu, but both servers are in europe.

Hey @Pi0_o

Servers hosted in the Russian cluster (1313 being the case) run under a GMT+3 timezone.

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Hi @Ignasis , yet another post regarding confusion caused by not being able to see the Timezone the server is linked to … have there been enough incidents of this on the forum to justify it going onto the Trello board as an issue for the playerbase to vote on to get prioritised to solve?
Any further news on my suggestion to get the server Timezone displayed on the server list?
If not possible, then could it be displayed in the server information you see when you go to the menu once ingame?

I’m not sure I understood what you just wrote, Kwayla, sorry if this is a repeat or opposing view. I do agree it should become a Trello issue.

Other games I play display times in my timezone, easily set up by determining the IP location. I am confused by the times listed in several places, server settings purge/conflict, etc. In addition, the event log just boggles my mind when trying to determine when something happened. Although I am one timezone away from the server, I see extremely different times of an event, such as pet has returned home, or a purge has ended.

Why not display all times as local to the user?



@Jim1 When we look at the server information on the list of servers it has information such as purge time 1800 - 2200 BUT there is no way of telling WHAT time zone that is in reference to from the server page.
For example, people who can access the official Oceanic servers are from seven different time zones.
So what I and others have asked for is that the Timezone the server is linked to is displayed on the server listing … Eg server xxxx in Oceanic zone is in Timezone AEST or perhaps UTC+10 - this way from the server listings you can tell what Timezone the server is in.
It seems very hit and miss to have to rely on the server event log to tell you what time the server is linked to … especially if you are not sure if the event log is telling you the information in the server Timezone or your own time zone when events happen offline. And it’s quite frankly stupid that you have to create a character on the server to find out.

Thank you, Kwayla for taking the time to explain that. Now I am up to speed !



And when I think of the Xbox and PS4 players who can’t even type in general chat: “hey what time zone is this server set to” when they’ve made a level 1 character to see if the Timezone is compatible with their usual play times I really wonder why it wasn’t addressed at launch…

It’s been noted and it’s on the devs plate. Don’t know when or if it’s coming, but they’re aware of it and it’s being considered.


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