#1732 Endless Disconnections

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: #1732
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Server has been very laggy/rubberbanding lately with players getting disconnected from the server every 5 minutes or so. Event Log would not load and characters would not respawn after the death countdown reaches 0. I went into a few other servers(1733, 1735, 1737, 1509) and it looks like server #1732 is the only server that has been having issue with lags and disconnections. Additionally, Players would occasionally glitched into the foundations. This has been a continuing issue since late December 2023. Can we please look into this? Thank you

Bug Reproduction:



Same issue, same server. Please fix.

Same here, it has made the server unplayable. Even with only 1 connection, still is crashing and then have to wait for total server clear to sign back in. Please fix this, 1732 is/was a very active server.

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Falling through the world is especially fun on 1732… repeatedly. :confused:

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Redditt mentions some other servers having issues. Most comments are saying it is the hardware of the ppl. This is not user based, it is the server side. The players on 1732 have pulled away, waiting for a fix. A simple server reset will not work. Maybe the machine itself for this cluster is getting old, lol.

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This likely has nothing to do with the server hardware and everything to do with the drunken coding Funkhram has been doing. I don’t think GPortal coincidentally replaced all their hardware with trash the day Funkhram release AoW Ch2. Ch2 introduced some of the worst code to come out of Funkhram and immediately killed server performance. Rather than investigate and fix that Funkhram not only let it fester but introduced more abominable code in Ch3. The fact that some servers cannot even remain online consistently anymore is the inevitable result of careless coding and poor design decisions.

still can’t connect been days since the server was playable.


With the timer being less now, 10 days. Bases will start decaying. The Server is unplayable! 9999 is a crashed server. Just restarting it is not working. Maybe it is coding, idk. It could be a cable not connected. Anyway, remember we cannot spend real American dollars if we cannot log in.


its been a week that this server 1732 has been unplayable it seems they don’t care and don’t intend to fix the issue the server started crashing on the 4th of January and was reported its not the 11th and cant even find the server half the time and if you are lucky enough to get in the server in 5 minutes you crash can some one please give a update as when this will be fixed or even if it ever will get fixed

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I miss my server, we are truly exiles now.

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right lol and by the looks of it its not going to get fixed any time soon

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Glad to see this bug report has been seen by staff. They are aware of it. Hope its an easy fix.

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if they decide to fix been over a week and nothing yet

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The good news is that the timer is at 229 every time i got in, the bad news is that it is still crashing every few minutes. So, don’t give up hope yet. You can do it funcom!

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I haven’t been able to get on 1732 in about a week. Server completely disappeared for a few days and now the ping is to high when I am able to check my servers. :disappointed:

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There is so very, very much that they are “aware” of… and do not care about at all. Like 1732. RIP.

01/15/2024: Still happening. No change. Be nice to play the game I paid for.

doubt they ever fix it at this point started crashing 1/4 its now 1/16 no fix

They rolled it back, it appears to be fixed.

Still not fixed. Also, timer is now broken. Showing no time at all.

Playing on another server at the moment. Issues with the timer as well.