18 day decay system doesn`t work

Game mode: [Online|]
Problem: | Bug ]
Region: EU***

I spend 7 days on vacation.
Now my t3 base with about 20 t4 thralls are gone.
Only my dancers and about 20 thrall devenders( half of them t4) are still there.
After locked in, i stand on the place of my vanished base.
I “played” on 1001 official Server pve

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go on vacation; at least 7 days
2.log in

You’d be welcome to come an join our community, we have 15 day decay timers working.

The Isle of Pit (PvE-Conflict UK Server)

Its not 18 days, its 17 days and it works. Did you check the actual decay timer before leaving? Did you check the logs?

the patch for the timer went live some time after the announcement… so you might not been included into the longer decay time

I didnt check the decay timer before leaving, but it was 1 day after the hot fix with the longer decay timer. The last logs show a lot of t2 foundations that vanished bye decay timer too. Thats from my second base i think, but im not in the mood do check it out anymore.
I think it doesn`t work

Yea it didn’t work like we thought it would…I checked my places after and the 7 day was still there.I had to check it with a decay hammer like 3 to 4 times in a row for it to finally show 18 days,over 400 hours…but…on some of my small bridges,over 6 building pieces,it would only go up to 200 hours…not right

If you did 1 day after the hotfix then the decay wasn’t applied. IN short the increased decay had nothing to do with the hotfix. But rather a configuration change on servers made by GPortal.

You can never assume any decay timer unless you check with a repair hammer.

If he didnt check with the hammer, its not his fault. Funcom should have forced any decay timers to update on patch launch. They did so to remove orbs, why didnt they implement this for the decay timer too.

You had to refresh your base decay timers after the server settings were applied. Not Funcoms fault, your responsible for keeping your base from decaying. Also your buildings have to be a certain size to get the decay timer up to 18 days.